Activities and Programs

Student Council

Strives to instill a sense of responsibility and school spirit among members of the student body. The four officers: President, Vice-President, Secretary and Treasurer are elected from seventh and eighth grades. Each class in grades
4, 5 and 6 elects one representative and grades 7 and 8 elect two representatives to serve on the Student Council.

School Newspaper

Each class has a reporter who contributes information and the seventh grade acts as the staff.

Altar Servers

Open to boys and girls in grades 4 through 8 who prove themselves worthy of serving God’s altar.

Aquinas Program

Students in the sixth, seventh and eighth grades who will be part of the Aquinas Enrichment Program must be first recommended by their classroom teacher. An overall average of 93%, no grade less than 90%, and no demerits is required for this enrichment program.

Yearbook Club

Organization of 8th Graders who capture and present the spirit of their school in the printed yearbook.

Arts & Crafts


Sports Club

Drama Club

Boy Scouts

Girl Scouts