Grades K-3: Log into Brain Pop Jr. Open the lesson “Engineering and Design Process”. Explore the “Activity”, “Draw About It”, and “Write About It” sections  of the lesson.

Grades 4-8:  In what way does technology make our lives easier, more fun, and more challenging?

Post 1. on Google Classroom. Consider one of the following topics: Communication, Sports, Farming, Science, or Transportation, and as a group, select a particular innovation that has revolutionized or made a major contribution to this topic. In a Google Doc, in paragraph form, describe how technology has paved the way for the creation of this innovation. Discuss this history in your Doc. Describe and discuss the importance of your selected innovation. Conduct your research on Google Chrome. Submit your Doc for grading.

Post 2. on Google Classroom. As a group, students will create a Google Slides presentation about a new product they have thought of that would be an enhancement, improvement, or somehow revolutionize their selected innovation from the previous class. Describe the product. What is the product called? Who is the target audience? How does the product improve the lives of the target audience through technology? What is the history that has led to the development and creation of the product? Use your imagination. The presentations should be from 5 to 10 slides in length. This Slides presentation will be presented to the class by the group. Both the Slides presentation and its presentation to the class will be graded.

An Example of Google Slides Presentation “Technology and Innovation – Meal Preparation for a New Age” can be found on Google Classroom.


Grades: K-3: Practice login to Brain Pop Jr. Username: olphq, and Password: brainpop. The students will explore the program, focusing on current events. They listen, discuss, and report what they learn by taking quizzes of varying difficulty. Practice at home.

Grades: 4-8. As all have assigned School Google user names, and are connected to Google Classroom, the students are obligated to check class posts and assignments daily. They have access from their electronic devices everywhere and anywhere they are. Access to the posts is easy and convenient. Parents and guardians are invited to check their children’s work and grades.


Grades K – 8

Our Lady of Perpetual Help CA students are among the tens of millions participating in National Computer Science Week, Dec.3-9.

Anyone can join the Hour of Code.  Experience is not necessary and the one-hour tutorials are offered in 45 different languages. So

go ahead and try some coding with your kids at home!




Grades 1 – 3 

  • We covered the basics, such as parts of a computer/Chromebook, opening and shutting down our computers, and using the Google Chrome browser. 
  • Next, we will work on practicing typing skills and technique using resources such as Interactive Sites for Education. 

Grades 4 – 8 

  • Students have logged into their school Google accounts using their school credentials. Grade 4 and new students created their school usernames. All students confirmed access to Google Classroom. 
  • Yearly completion of cyber-bullying and internet safety concepts, and assessment of concept understanding by online Brain-Pop quiz. 
  • Advanced practice of typing skills and technique using platforms such as 

***All communication regarding Grades 4 – 8 classwork activity and assignments will from now be posted on Google Classroom***

Mrs. Mroz: Computers

Grades 4-8: Check on your next assignment on Google Classroom

Grades 1-3: Check on Brain Pop Jr. Username: olphq, Password: brainpop

Mrs. Mroz – Computers 2/15/18

Grade 1: Brain Pop Jr – Complete the Heart worksheet, and bring it to the next class.

Grades 2 and 3: Brain Pop Jr. – Complete the Heart “Write About It” assignment, print it out, and bring it to your next computer class.

Grades 4- 8: Check posts on Google Classroom

Mrs. Mroz – Computers 12/17/17

Grades 4 – 8: Continue to monitor your Google Classroom pages for latest assignments and homework. Begin exploring the Scratch program introduced in the Google Logo activity on 

Grades K – 3: Explore Computer Programming on Brain Pop Jr. Test your understanding by taking the quizzes at the end of the activities. 

Have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!