Homework – Wednesday,June 15th

  1.  We are celebrating 2022 moving to second grade party will be on June 22nd.  Please let me know if you can kindly bring in refreshments, snacks, cupcakes for the celebration, thank you.
  2.   2nd grade summer packets handed out today to all students. 
  3.   ELA – Write prefixes for the words: read, clean, happy, made, safe, do, cook.  write suffixes for the words: help, use, joy, thank, grate, happy, do. Bring in tomorrow to be placed into our tree of prefixes and suffixes. 
  4. Math – lady bug pg.250

Have a good evening!

Homework – Wednesday, June 15th

  1.  Study for Science Final tomorrow.
  2.   Bring in a tee-shirt to go over your uniform for painting. 
  3.   Bring extra bottle of water tomorrow.
  4. Reminders:   Monday, no school holiday.  Tuesday – Full day of school, Wednesday, 12:30 dismissal Class party. Thursday, last day of school 12:30 dismissal

Homework – June 9th

  1. Science worksheet given
  2. Math – ladybug book pg. 89
  3. Religion Mass booklet due June 13th
  4. Social Studies – Study for final Tuesday, June 14
  5. Science – study for final- June 15th

Reminder and changes.

FAREWELL PARTY!  Moving on to 2nd grade will be on June 22nd, please bring soft drinks, snacks, and cupcakes for the celebration.

June 20th – NO SCHOOL in observance of Juneteeth


June 22nd – 12:30 dismissal

June 23rd – Last day of school 12:30 dismissal


Homework – Wednesday, June 8th

Homework – Wednesday, June 8, 2022

  1. ELA – Anthology book pg. 227 read the story Whistle for Willie. Answer the following questions:
  2. What problem did Peter have?
  3. How was the problem solved?
  4. How can you tell that the story is a realistic fiction story? Tell me by giving me examples that helped you figure that out.  

The main idea was about a boy who wished he could whistle, write about something you wish you could do.

  1. Math – ladybug book pg. 213

June 13th – Mass booklet due

June 14  – Social studies final – outline given and on google classroom

June 15th – Science final – outline given and on google classroom

June 20th – NO SCHOOL in observance of Juneteeth

June 21st – 12:30 dismissal

June 22nd – 12:30 dismissal

June 23rd – LAST DAY OF SCHOOL 12:30 dismissal

Homework – Tuesday, June 7th

  1. Math ladybug book 210
  2. ELA – worksheet conjunctions
  3. ELA – parrot book – read the story pg. 243 All kinds of Helpers.  What are the definitions of the highlighted words? What kind of helpers are in your community that help people? How do the helpers in the story help the people in their communities? What was the author’s purpose for writing the story “All Kind of Helpers?

Homework – June 6, 2022

  1. Math – Lady bug pg. 214. You will need your rulers.
  2. Grammar –  worksheet on conjunctions.
  3. ELA – read for 20 minutes and log into your reading log sheet. All reading log sheets will be collected on June 13th.
  4. Science – Worksheet.
  5. Religion – create your own Mass book due June 13th. Must include parts of the mass and illustration.  Information can be found in your Religion notes and back pages of Christ in Us religion book 
  6. S.S Study for upcoming final outline given.

Homework – Thursday, 6/2

  1. Math – Progress book “Statue of Liberty” 166-167. Please measure and tell me their length. Study for tomorrow’s test on money (coins)
  2. ELA – Parrot book pg. 262 write cause and effect how did the weather effect the characters in the story. Remember to compare the effects in sequence order.
  3. Social Studies study for test on recycling which will be on Monday, June 6.
  4. I placed in their homework notebook an index card, please write your child’s height and weight and return it to me tomorrow. Thank you very much.
  5. Tomorrow is 12:30 dismissal. 

Homework – Wednesday, June 1st

  1. ELA – Grammar pg. 157
  2. Math – lady bug pg. 125. Study for math test this Thursday on coins only. Math test on coins and dollar will be next week Wednesday. Bring in your stuff animal  
  3. Science – Has changed, science worksheet provided.
  4. Final exam schedule

Science –  Outline will be provided to help study June 13th.

Religion-  June 14th Outline will be provided to help study.

  1. ELA – Read for 20 minutes.


Homework – Tuesday, 5/31/22

  1. ELA – Your turn book pg. 290
  2. Math – Lady Bug book pg.  122
  3. Science – Write about today’s experiment in your science lab notebook make sure you write your observations and drawing.
  4. Social Studies study for upcoming test on Recycling.
  5. Friday, 12:30 dismissal.
  6. Friendly reminder, tomorrow we begin the month of June, if you have not re-registered your child please do so as soon as possible, thank you.