Study for the Science test that will be given tomorrow.

Parents, please remember to use the home testing kit for your child every day this week.

The Social Studies test will be given on Monday.

HW 06/02/22

Complete the spelling HW for tomorrow – write he words in alphabetical order

The spelling test will be tomorrow.

Tomorrow is half a day. Dismissal is at 12:30pm

Study the times tables 2x – 12x 

HW 06/01/22

This Friday is half a day- Dismissal is at 12:30pm

STUDY the spelling words- Write a sentence with words #16-#30

Study for the Religion test tomorrow – pages 185-204

The Social Studies test will also follow tomorrow.

HW 05/31/22

Parents please be aware that if you did not register your child for next year, they may not have an

available seat for September.

In the Science textbook- read pages D22 – D27

Answer questions #1-#5 on page D27

Study the spelling words

look up the meaning for the spelling words in the dictionary

HW 05/27/22

No school Monday for Memorial Day

Social Studies test postpone for Tuesday

Study Religion book – pages 185-204 for a test on Wednesday

Spelling words for 05/31-06/03/22

  1. thanksgiving     2.understanding     3.surpass     4.petition     5.memorize     6.continue                           7. persevere     8.proclaim     9.intercession     10.someone     11.surround     12.together                        13.throughout     14.imagination     15.compose     16.meditation     17.nonprofit     18.habitat                19.communicate     20.interview     21.reduce     22.foundation     23.overcome     24.volunteer              25.common good     26.monument     27.oceanographer     28.magnitude     29.announcement          30.chemical                                                                                                                                                                      Due Monday-  write the spelling words 3 times each                                                                                      Due Tuesday- look up the meaning for each word in the dictionary                                                             Due Wednesday- write a sentence with words #1 – #15                                                                                   Due Thursday – write a sentence with words # 16 -#30                                                                                    Due Friday-  write the spelling words in alphabetical order                                                                 All the homework add up toward the final grade- 














HW 05/26/22

Study for the spelling test tomorrow

Do the written HW for the spelling words- that counts toward your grade

Study/review for the Social Studies test tomorrow – pages 182 – 213

Remember everything counts toward your final grades

May 26, 2022


LA Textbook lesson 1 & 2. Please answer all questions. 


Division Worksheet.

Multiplication test are in your children’s folders.

ELA Final June 7

Math Final June 10

We are in need of tissues. Place send in 1 box with your child

May 25, 2022


LA Text book.

pages 18 and 19, lessons 4 & 5


Workbook pg. 94


Due tomorrow – Please send empty, clean containers. cup, quart and half gallon.

Multiplication table test tomorrow.

HW 05/25/22

Tomorrow is Ascension Thursday-  We will be attending Mass at 10:00 am

Study the spelling words – write a sentence with words #16 – #30

Study the Social Studies Textbook- pages 182-213 for a test on Friday

Write in your Social Studies notebook the answers to the following questions

  1. Who is the Mayor of New York? 
  2. What are some of the services he provides for the people?
  3. Who is the Governor of New York?
  4. What are some of the services she provides for the people?

HW 05/24/22

Study in the Social Studies book- pages 182 – 213 for a test on Friday

Know and understand the meaning for all the highlighted words

Study the spelling words EVERY DAY

Write a sentence with words # 1 – # 15