Homework: Friday, Feb. 14th

Happy Valentines Day!

Friendly reminders:

ELA phonics packet due upon return Monday, Feb. 24th

Math multiplication table sheets done in class today. Practice your times tables, especially the tables you still maybe weak on.

Math multiplication quiz on all the times table on Feb. 24th.

Enjoy your winter break!!!!!




  1. Math soft cover pg. 77
  2. Math worksheet if you did not finish it in class complete it for homework
  3. ELA Adjective worksheets (2)
  4. Phonics packets distributed today to be handed in on February 24th
  5. This Friday we will be celebrating Solomon, Dillon and Aurora birthday in school. Pizza party will be provided.
  6. Study your times tables during the break
  7. Help us reach our benchmark enroll in the read-a-thon
  8. Wear red on Friday, Valentines Day. If you wish to participate $2.00
  9. Practice the songs for the Easter Show (Blessings by Laura Story found on Youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Cd6J6Wgnv4M and Jesus I am in https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Cn1Vqz2icXY
  10. Winter break begins on Monday, Feb. 17th through Feb. 23rd. Classes resumes on Monday Feb. 24.


  1. MATH – Hard Cover book pg. 301 problems # 1,2,3, 4,5,6, 8, 10,11, 13, 15, 16
  2. ELA soft cover book pg. 191 236
  3. Study for tomorrow Science assessment tomorrow pg. A69 – A75
  4. Read-a-thon help reach our benchmark for Chrome books.
  5. Wear red on Friday, Feb. 14th $2.00
  6. Break begins Monday, Feb. 17 – Monday, Feb. 23rd. Classes resume on Feb. 24th
  7. Please note, as part of the school policy Gym sneakers must be complete white or all black. Thank you

Have a nice day!











Homework – Monday, Feb. 10

ELA Grammar Workshop book pg 123 Level D

S.S. based on the youtube presentation in class https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y3utCntXrPo  The history of the Statue Liberty answer the following questions:

  1. Where did the Statue of Liberty originally come from?
  2. What was the statue originally made of?
  3. Why does the Statue of Liberty represent an important symbol for most immigrants coming into the U.S.?
  4. Have you ever visited the Statue of Liberty? Describe your experience. What was your experience like?
  5. In what day and year was the Declaration of Independence signed? What was the french purpose for the gift? What was it to commemorate?
  6. Study for the oratorical “Time” oral test tomorrow.
  7. Study for Science test on Wednesday A69-A75.
  8. Participate in the Read-a-thon.
  9. Wear red on Friday Valentine Day $2.00
  10. Have a good day


Homework – Friday, Feb. 7

  1. Math – Division worksheet. Show your work and solve the phrase.
  2. S.S. Interview a member of your family who has come from a foreign country (just like the immigrants that came to America). Can be your parent, grandparent, aunt or uncle? Keep in mind you are the reporter asking who, what, when where or why. Below are some examples of questions you may want to ask:   Question 1.  What your name? 2. Where were you born? 3. What country did you emigrate from? 4. What year did you come to the U.S.? 5. Did another member of your family come from the U.S. before you? and why did they come to the U.S.?  6. What was your trip to the U.S. like? 7. Did you bring anything special along with you when you left your country? Why did you bring that item? 8. How does school in the U.S. compare with your old school?
  3. ELA finish your summary on Harriett Tubman the  animated movie on Youtube entitled “The Story of Harriett Tubman/ 1849 Harriet Tubman Underground Railroad animation” (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Jh-MOFmFt20) on loose leaf paper please.
  4. Study for the oratorical “Time”. Oral assessment next week Tuesday.
  5. Participate in the Read-a-thon. It is a great opportunity to get chromebooks for all the students.
  6. Study for Religion Bee questions 31-42
  7. Study for Science test A69-A75 Test on Wednesday.
  8. Winter Break begins Monday Feb. 17th through Feb. 21st Classes resume on Feb. 23rd.

Have a good weekend!!!


Homework – Thursday, Feb. 6

  1. ELA hard cover blue book answer questions on pg. 275
  2. S.S. Worksheet read and answer questions
  3. Math soft cover book pg. 62
  4. Study oratorical “Time” oratorical assessment date has been moved to Tuesday to allow extra time requested to study.
  5. Spelling test #10 will be on Wednesday
  6. Study for science assessment on Wednesday pgs. A69 – A75.
  7. Religion Bee questions 31-41 will be handed in tomorrow to study.
  8. Friday is the first Friday of the month children will be dismissed at 12:30
  9. Winter break begins Monday, February 17 through February 21st.

Homework – Wednesday

  • Math hard cover book pg. 214
  • S. pg. 106-111 answer questions on pg. 106.
  • Spelling words list # 10
immigrant describe Food Chain
Food Web pattern adjective
difficult Ellis Island crowded
database migration Abraham Lincoln
brought enslaved depression
decomposer composer consumer
producer cycle civilian
  1. This Friday the children will be dismissed at 12:30.


  1. Study the oratorical “Time” oral test on Feb. 7th



Homework – Tuesday, Feb. 4

  1. Math pg. 69 problems 19-20
  2. S.S- Write a summary on the documentary of Ellis Island (Youtube Ellis Island – History of Immigration of the United States https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8X4CypTaOQs&t=165s
  3. Grammar workshop – Adjectives pg. 120 level B
  4. Participate in the Read-a-thon charity 2020 Forms distributed yesterday.
  5. This Friday is the first Friday of the month children will be dismissed at 12:30. After school will be provided. Please bring in lunch and extra snack if you will be staying in after school.

Have a good day.

Homework – Monday, Feb. 3rd

Math workbook soft covered page: 140


Science: Pg. B16 – B17 Food Chain – Bring in on Wednesday pictures of animals to create the food chain along with a medium size poster board.

Answer the following question:

  1. How do animals compete with one another for survival in an ecosystem?
  2. What is the difference between a producer and a consumer?
  3. How does the food web show the relationship of several organisms that depend upon each other for survival?
  4. What is the difference between a Food Chain and a Food Web?


Science test on Vertebrate and Non-Vertebrate next week Wednesday. A69-A75


ELA Finish your summaries of scholastic news (Pompeii) to be handed in on loose leaf paper.


Friday is the first Friday of the month the children will be dismissed at 12:30. Afterschool will be available.



Homework – Friday, Jan 31st

  1. Study the oratorical “Time” Oral assessment on Feb. 7th
  2. ELA – Creative Writing. Write a descriptive writing summary of at least two presenters that spoke today during career day. For example: Which presenter captivated your interest the most and why? Remember descriptive writing is about using the power of your own words to capture the attention and mind of the reader of what you are describing.  Your paper is to be submitted to me on loose leaf.
  3. Creative writing journal due Wednesday, Feb. 5th (change of date made to allow more time). Create your journal presented as a booklet just like Lewis & Clark created one of their adventures as they headed west.

Have a good weekend.