Homework – Monday Nov. 30th

  1. Science –  create two columns list and identify 5 species with vertebrae and 5 species without.
  2. Math – Textbook pg. 138  #’s 1-8
  3. Finish ELA classroom story and questions. Hand it in today. 
  4. ELA – Tpg. 342 level A
  5. Religion  – Tpg. 235 Activity Sample.  Create 4 large candles.  3 candles color purple and 1 candle pink. Write in each candle what something you can do to prepare for  the coming of Jesus. For example: prayer.  
  6. Have test signed and returned. 
  7. Social Studies Project view the attache video https:www.whychristmas.com/culture/


Step 1:  On the top icons click on Christmas around the World

            Step 2   Select one country you would like to visit and learn how Christmas is celebrated.

            Step 3   Write about the country customs and traditions on how they celebrate their Christmas holiday.  

            Step 4  Provide supportive illustration with your writing. 

Project is due by Friday, December 4, 2020

  1.  Current Event for December due on December 7
  2.  Report cards will be sent on December 11th. 

Homework – Monday, Nov. 23rd

  • ELA – Finish classwork on Sailing to America. 
  • ELA – Do you have a family member who immigrated from their homeland to come live to America? Interview a member of your family who may have immigrated to America (IF you do not have a family member who was an immigrant just answer questions 3 and turn it in) and provide the following journal questions.
  •   Why did you and your family come to America?
  •   What difficulties did you have to overcome?
  •   What do you miss that you left behind? 
  •   Did all of your relatives come to America as well? 
  •   What did you learn from your relative that impressed you the most?   

3. What does the statue of Liberty symbolize? What is the Great Hall? 

4.   Math – Study for tomorrow’s Commutative and Associative Property test in addition   only. Practice worksheet given to be handed in tomorrow.  

Homework – Friday, Nov. 20th

  1.    Study for Religion test on “The Memorare” for Wednesday, Nov. 24
  2.    Study for Math quiz on Commutative property on Tuesday, Nov. 23rd. 
  3.    We will have a Christmas zoom presentation in December. Begin practicing song “Make me a channel of your peace”


Have a good weekend!

Homework – Thursday, Nov. 19th

  1. Math – Complete  the math sheet and show your work by demonstrating how  you solved the problems in arrays. Show your work on loose leaf paper.  
  2. Study your times table for a math drill on the 2,3,4,5 table.
  3. Science – pg. A67 questions 1-3 and expository writing
  4. Please return your completed emergency release form authorization. 
  5. Thanksgiving recess – Nov. 25 through Nov. 29th
  6. Tomorrow is paid dress down day

We are OPEN tomorrow

Dear Parents/Guardians,

Although the New York City Public Schools are closed, our Superintendent’s Diocesan Office has informed all Catholic Elementary Academies that we will be open till further notice.

We were informed that we would close only if the governor declares the complete city an orange zone or if he closes the schools.   We will be OPEN and in the next two days, we will be sending home books in case they will close us for Thanksgiving and thereafter.

We will be sending books and devices everyday till next Tuesday before Thanksgiving, allowing the children to keep certain books at home and bringing their devices back and forth.

I wish to inform you that  our nurse will be here from the city, but we have not yet been informed as to whether there will be yellow bus service or lunch. Therefore, please send, as always, a snack with your child/children and know that they may be sent home without lunch tomorrow if the city does not deliver lunches to us for the children.

Also,  we were not told whether yellow buses will be available for our children; therefore. you should make plans in the event that the yellow bus does not show up to pick up your child to come to school.

Please keep checking your teacher’s homework page, dojo, and this website in order to keep updated on all information.

May our Lord watch over you and your dear children,

Mrs. DeLuca

Homework – Wednesday, Nov. 18th

    1.  Ela –  Spelling words write the definitions for 6 of the spelling words.
    2.  ELA  softcover read the story on page 113 and answer the questions on page 112
    3.  Math – soft cover workbook pg. 64
    4.  Religion – answer questions on page 57 
    5.  Social Studies bring in pictures which symbolizes mother nature. 
    6.  Finish your prefix tree and suffix tree from class
    7. Thanksgiving recess begins Nov. 25th and ends Nov. 29th
    8. Thank you for your can food for the poor. Tomorrow is the last day.
    9. I have only received 3 emergency contact sheets which have been returned. Please them in as soon as possible, thank you.


God bless everyone and have a good day. 




Homework – Thursday

  1.  Math – hardcover book pg. 83 problems 30 – 37
  2.  Social Studies – read pages 84 – 81 answer questions 1-4 only
  3.  Study the Apostle Creed for test on Monday, the 16th
  4.  Nov. 25 – Nov. 30 Thanksgiving break
  5. Practice your 2x – 4 x multiplication table for 1 minute drill next week 

Have a good evening!


Homework – Tuesday, Nov 10

  1. Math – Hard cover book pg. 83 problems 9 – 26 girls odd, boys even
  2. Math – Begin studying the times tables 1 minute assessment on the 2x thru 4x will be conducted on Monday. 
  3. S.S. Answer unit review questions on page 62
  4. ELA – vocabulary small softcover book page 20
  5. S.S study for land form assessment this Thursday.
  6. Religion Study for the Apostle Creed for assessment on Nov. 16
  7. Can Food deadline Nov 19th
  8. Bring in your internet policy only two left. Thank you
  9. Tomorrow school is closed in observance of Veterans Day. 

Enjoy your day off tomorrow, see you all on Thursday. 

Homework – Monday, Nov. 9th

  1. ELA -blue textbook – page 73 A-B
  2.  ELA – Reading Comprehension read story on page 53-54 from the soft cover wonder Your turn book

Answer the following questions:

  1. What is the main idea of the story? 
  2. What is the genre of the story?
  3. What is the moral in the story?
  4. Why didn’t the older brother believe his younger brother?
  1. What details support the main idea of the story?

   3.  Study for Landforms assessment on Thursday

   4. Study the Apostle Creed for oratorical on Nov. 16

  1. No School on Wednesday In observance of Veterans day.
  2. Bring in pictures that demonstrate what you are thankful for
  3. Bring in can food by Nov. 19th. 
  4. Have assessments signed and returned. 


Have a good evening, God bless and stay safe. 

Homework – November 5, 2020

  1. ELA Persuasive writing assignment – Write a letter addressed to your parents, teacher and Principal you are to persuade them why it is better to come to school in regular clothes rather than school uniforms. Remember to focus on the reasons why it is better for you and other kids not to come in school uniform. What are the facts and details to support your persuasion in order to be able to convince them about your idea.  Remember to revise and proofread your writing for use of correct grammar usage such as punctuation, spelling and writing.
  2. Study spelling words for tomorrow
  3. Study for Science assessment tomorrow.
  4. Current Event due on Monday.
  5. Study for Social Studies test on Landforms Tuesday. 
  6. Study Apostle Creed for Nov. 15th. 
  7. Can Food for the poor children of Africa will be collected by Nov. 19th.
  8. November 11th No School in observance of Veterans Day! 

Have a good evening!