Catholic Identity Night Zoom Meeting

Dear Parents,
The following is a link to our Arts Festival Catholic Identity Meeting.
You are all cordially invited to attend.  Hope to see you there.
Topic: Home Academy/Arts Festival/Catholic Identity Meeting
Time: May 26, 2021 06:00 PM Eastern Time (US and Canada)
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Meeting ID: 934 6911 7157
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Mrs. Smolenski
If you are having difficulty coming in, just click the above link.

May 20, 2021

Dear Parents,

We are winding down our current year and are looking forward to an exciting new year in September.

In order to better plan for the influx of new students, we would like to make sure our current students have a place for next year.

If you have not reregistered, please let the office know of your intentions.   It would help us to prepare for a successful upcoming year.   We also wish to make sure our current students have a place in our classes for next year.

God bless you all.


Mrs. Smolenski

Also, June will be preparations for the Final Exams.  We will be starting our reviews in the beginning of June.  Please check your child’s Google Classroom for any updates.


A Happy and Blessed Easter! Please view our Easter Show and do a virtual tour of the academy!

Dear Parents/ Guardians:

It is with joy that I walk from grade to grade and see the tremendous progress of your dear children.  I am as proud of your children and my teachers as you are!

I thank you for the cooperation from you and your dear children that has kept the children and all of us safe and healthy and  open since September 9, 2021.

I ask and remind you that if you have not re-registered your child for next year that you do so in order to guarantee your child has a seat!  I remind you, also, to continue to send in your financial application to Futures in Education.  The sooner the better – there is still monies to go out for scholarships.  Also, remember, if you refer a person to our school, and they stay for a year, the following year there is a deduction from your child’s tuition of $750 for that year! It will be a win-win situation.

On behalf of our pastor, Fr. Tom, our board chair, Mr. Mangar, and the Board, my teachers and staff, and myself, I wish you a happy and blessed Easter!  May our Lord, Jesus, continue to bless you and your dear children with good health, peace, joy, and prosperity!

Please invite your friends and family to take a virtual tour of our school and also view a part of our Easter Show with our beautiful children!

Virtual Tour OLPHCA Queens-July 9, 2020 Virtual-Tour-OLPHCA-Queens-March 30,2021

PK-3 Jesus is my best friend

Pre K3 Baby Bunny 

God is Not Dead – He’s Alive (1)

Prek4 He’s Got the Whole World in His Hands

7-1 The Passion Part 5

7-1 The Passion Part 6

7-1 The Passion Part 7 (4)

PreK4 Jesus is Alive(1)



Happy and Blessed Easter,

Frances DeLuca








Easter Wishes from Our Superintendent



March 31, 2021


Dear Families,


This year has been one of struggling to rise up; rising up above negativity, stress, worry, doubt, and often fear. The story of Easter parallels our lives in incredible ways this year. While we cannot compare our difficulties to the agony of Christ, this year has indeed challenged our hearts. As Easter approaches and we feel the sorrow that comes from the knowledge of the death of Jesus, we must remember the joy that will follow. In difficult times, experiences of joy cannot be overlooked or diminished. The words of Luke, He is not here; He has risen! is one of the most joyful verses we can experience. Let us celebrate this Easter season with the hope that comes from the risen Lord. 


As we celebrate Easter, the greatest focus is on the Resurrection, which of course is one of the most important tenets of our faith, in our salvation through Jesus’ death and Resurrection. I would encourage you to also take time and reflect on Jesus’ journey to the Resurrection. The way Jesus chose to follow God’s path and accept his fate teaches us the true meaning of following the path of righteousness. Jesus, with the knowledge of the difficulties that would lie ahead, made the choice to continue demonstrating the love of God. We see his humility in riding the humble donkey into Jerusalem and quietly looking for a room to celebrate Passover. We see his forgiveness as he breaks bread knowing the disciples would turn away from him. We witness his service in the washing of the disciple’s feet. Even when faced with death, Jesus chose to react, not in anger but with compassion saying, Father, forgive them


For us and especially for our children, Jesus’ choices to continue in love, compassion, and forgiveness even in the face of death provide us the example we need for our own lives. Each day we will face challenges, some small, but some that are seemingly insurmountable. The story of Jesus’ death and Resurrection shows us that God’s grace is always present. As Jesus was man, he was presented with choices, as we are. We can choose to turn away from God in our actions or we can choose to follow the path of the Lord. With the acceptance of God’s grace, we can choose to follow His path. As we read the Passion this Holy Week, ask yourself and ask your children, “How will I show compassion today?” “How can I serve others as Jesus washing the feet of the disciples?” “What burdens am I carrying that can be released through forgiveness?” 


The choices we make enable us to walk with Jesus. Let us celebrate this Easter season with compassion, forgiveness, and love. This has been a challenging year and making such choices are often difficult but, in these actions, we are preparing our hearts to embrace the joys that lie ahead. Engage with your children in reading the Gospel. Celebrate the ways you have walked the path of the Lord together. Above all, embrace the hope and joy that comes from the Risen Lord. We have been delivered from the darkness and will stand in the light of Christ.


Wishing you a Blessed and Joyous Easter!


In Christ,

Thomas Chadzutko

Thomas Chadzutko, Ed.D.

Superintendent ~ Catholic School Support Services

Easter Show

Dear Parents,

We will be re-recording the Easter Show on Monday.  Please send your child in on Monday with their red shirts or dresses and black pants.

Sorry for the inconvenience.