HW 6-14-22

Reading wb p 288

LA on looseleaf text p xviii and p xix. Adverbs and prepositions.

HW 6-6-22

Reading wb p 277

LA final tomorrow. Outline is in my Google classroom

Gym tomorrow

HW 6-3-22

Religion Final Monday. Notes are in my Google classroom.

Have a great weekend!!!😎


HW 6-2-22

Reading wb p 268

SS test 8 tomorrow

12:30 dismissal tomorrow

Finals begin Monday. Check the schedule in my Google classroom

HW 6-1-22

Reading wb p 267

SS test 8 Friday

Finals begin Monday. Check schedule in my Google classroom

Pizza Day tomorrow

This Friday, June 3 days will be a 12:30 dismissal

HW 5-25-22

Reading wb p 257

LA test 7 tomorrow

SS STEM Project due Friday. Test 8 June 3

Reregister by May 30