Sept. 23,2020

7th Grade- test on Friday on Literary terms and plot diagram.  Complete txbk pg. 26 level B.

8th Grade- test on Friday on Literary terms and plot diagram.  Complete txbk . pg. 26 level B

Religion- Mass brochure due Monday

No School tomorrow

Home School Meeting tonight online at 7:00 with Mrs. DeLuca. Her zoom meeting link was emailed to all parent emails yesterday.  Afterwards, the 7th and 8th grade teachers will have their own google meet at 7:30.

Sept. 22, 2020

7th grade- test on Friday on Literary Terms and plot diagram.   Complete pg. 25 of txbk level B.

8th grade- txbk g. 25 level B;  test on Friday on Literary terms and plot diagram.

Religion- Mass Brochure due Monday.  It is a project grade.

No school Thursday.

Goggle Meet links and Parent Letters will be sent through email later this afternoon for tomorrow night’s Home School Meeting.

Sept. 21, 2020

7th Grade- test on Friday on Literary Terms and Plot diagram.  Complete pg. 24 level B. Read and follow directions carefully.


8th Grade- test on Friday on Literary Terms and Plot Diagram.  Complete pg. 24 level B.

Religion- Mass brochure are due Monday;   finish classroom questions given.

Sept. 18, 2020

7th- test on Friday on the literary terms given yesterday and they are posted on google classroom. Also know the plot diagram done today in class.


8th Grade- Religion- Mass brochure due Sept. 28;  Confirmation Name poster on copy paper due Monday with questions on the back.  Question 1- What is your complete baptismal name?   2. Why did your parents give you these names?   3. What do these names mean?   4.  What name do you like your friends to call you? Why?   5.  What would you like your Confirmation name to be?   6.  Why would you like this name? What does it mean to you?

ELA- test on Friday on Literary terms and plot diagram

Sept. 17,2020

7th Grade- finish the literary terms given in class. Define each one in your language arts notebook.  The list is in google classroom.  Parents need to sign the tests that were returned and the paper with the grades from the summer assignment.

8th Grade- finish the literary terms given in class. The list is found in google classroom.  Get your test and grades from summer assignments signed.

8-1 Religion- finish questions given in class.

Sept. 16, 2020

7th Grade- students need to make sure they have a dictionary for class  tomorrow.

8-2:  have your dictionary in class tomorrow

8-1: Religion- complete the following questions in your notebook. 

  1. What does it mean to have a Catholic identity?
  2. How do you develop a Catholic identity?
  3. Why is the sacrament of initiation important?
  4. What does the word “wisdom” mean?
  5. Define all key terms from pg.9 and write them in the back of your religion notebook.

Mass brochure is due Monday, Sept. 28

Have your dictionary for tomorrow

Sept. 14, 2020

Summer assignments were due today.

Forms must be filled out and brought back tomorrow

Bring in Health Screening Form

Sept. 9, 2020

This is only for students who are in class learning.

Papers were given out to be filled by parents. Make sure to bring them back on Monday

There is no class tomorrow or Friday for 6, 7th, or 8th grade.  

Gym will be on Monday, but it will be held in class.  You must wear your school uniform to school, not the gym one.

Our dismissal time every day is 2:10

Students must finish the Acrostic Name assignment and it is due on Monday.

Google Classroom Codes for Subjects

Here are the codes for ELA class.

8-1:    kynhkaw

8-2:  zooiopa

7-1:  wbg2qqf

7-2:  s4lcjkl


Social Studies Google Classroom Codes: 

7-1: ukppgkb

7-2: 5eztrop 

8-1 code: khdz7ln

8-2 code: mbgvqet

Math Google Classroom Codes
8-1  6x6fgil
8-2  6i5dxqj
7-1  gitb5u3
7-2  vkxzdxu

Science Class Passcode Google Classroom

Posted on September 3, 2020

7-1 f57nfpo

7-2 ycjtsgp

8-1 j2qltkt

8-2 6jcuipb

St. Thomas Aquinas Virtual Learning Program Information Letter from our superintendent

Dear Parents,

The following information has been sent today to us regarding the Diocese’s virtual learning program.

September 2, 2020

Dear Parents and Guardians,

Congratulations, your child has been accepted into the Saint Thomas Aquinas Distance
Learning Program. We are excited about the incredible response received to this new
initiative and are looking forward to the beginning of the new school year. As servants of the
Lord, we are called to answer the needs of his people in 2020, that means virtual learning.
Information pertaining to the pick-up of student devices and other materials will be
forthcoming. We are currently arranging the logistics and locations aligned with safety
precautions regarding the distribution of materials. We are also in the process of finalizing
faculty and student schedules for the instructional program – families can look forward to
hearing from your child’s teachers soon.

In the days ahead, we will be sending out more information regarding your child’s online
learning accounts and your parent portal information; please keep checking your email.
Additionally, you may visit the website: and the FAQ page
regarding details on some of the many questions that have been received. Please check the
site regularly, as important updates and new information will be shared, as we approach the
first day of school.

The distance learning program orientation schedule will begin on September 16th, and
continue through September 18th, with the first full day of instruction to take place on
September 21st
Saint Thomas Aquinas, pray for us and bless our new instructional program.
Thomas Chadzutko
Thomas Chadzutko, Ed.D.
Superintendent ~ Catholic School Support Services