Science 8


Read Section 5 Target Reading Skills p. 330

As you read, compare and contrast early earth with earth later in Precambrian Time by completing a table.

Create your outline of section 5 and  submit with Precambrian Table.


Digital Activity Book Project- google classroom

Choose a topic covered in class and create an activity page.

Remember to use different topics for each of the 5 activities

Follow all guidelines/directions provided for you

This will be your work for the week. Have Fun!


Religion 8B

4/6/2020 Easter

Read and complete Activity p. 293

List some of the ways that water is an essential part of things that you do each day.

(submit at least 2 paragraphs of 10 sentences each)


Read and complete Activity p. 294

If you and your group were going to make a display for your parish titled “ Our Easter Began in the Waters at Baptism,” what would it consist of? How might the display help the members of your parish?

(submit 2 paragraphs of 10 sentences each paragraph)


Read and complete Activity p. 295

share the joy of Easter by writing an Alleluia Song.  Use a melody familiar to you. Write verses about Easter and Christ’s Resurrection, and use the word Alleluia as the main verse that repeats throughout your song. Submit.



Religion 8B

Answer Study Guide google docs and submit

see google classroom

Religion 8-2

Read text p53 and complete the activity.

Write 2 paragraphs answering the 2 questions on respecting your life and lives of others.

Each paragraph must have at least 10 sentences.

Science 8 Classwork

Classwork that must be submitted Today, 3/19 at 3:00 PM

Watch the video ,answer these questions, and submit at the end of class by 3:00 PM

Explain the process of erosion.

Identify the difference between surface water,

ground water, and glaciers.

How are wind, waves and shorelines created?

Religion 8-2

Read p53 and complete the Activity on p53

Write a paragraph for each question on respecting your own life and  lives of others.

eacg paragraph must have at least 5 sentences.

Religion 8-2

Google Classroom

chapter  5 Define ( 3) faith words and complete Discover Activity Text p. 52

Science 8 classwork

Classwork for today, March 18,2020

Google Classroom

Chapter 9 Review and Assessment

Complete Organizing  Information And Reviewing Key Terms – Text p. 305

Remember to submit by 3:00 PM