A Happy and Blessed Easter! Please view our Easter Show and do a virtual tour of the academy!

Dear Parents/ Guardians:

It is with joy that I walk from grade to grade and see the tremendous progress of your dear children.  I am as proud of your children and my teachers as you are!

I thank you for the cooperation from you and your dear children that has kept the children and all of us safe and healthy and  open since September 9, 2021.

I ask and remind you that if you have not re-registered your child for next year that you do so in order to guarantee your child has a seat!  I remind you, also, to continue to send in your financial application to Futures in Education.  The sooner the better – there is still monies to go out for scholarships.  Also, remember, if you refer a person to our school, and they stay for a year, the following year there is a deduction from your child’s tuition of $750 for that year! It will be a win-win situation.

On behalf of our pastor, Fr. Tom, our board chair, Mr. Mangar, and the Board, my teachers and staff, and myself, I wish you a happy and blessed Easter!  May our Lord, Jesus, continue to bless you and your dear children with good health, peace, joy, and prosperity!

Please invite your friends and family to take a virtual tour of our school and also view a part of our Easter Show with our beautiful children!

Virtual Tour OLPHCA Queens-July 9, 2020 Virtual-Tour-OLPHCA-Queens-March 30,2021

PK-3 Jesus is my best friend

Pre K3 Baby Bunny 

God is Not Dead – He’s Alive (1)

Prek4 He’s Got the Whole World in His Hands

7-1 The Passion Part 5

7-1 The Passion Part 6

7-1 The Passion Part 7 (4)

PreK4 Jesus is Alive(1)



Happy and Blessed Easter,

Frances DeLuca








Catholic Schools Week 2021

Catholic Schools Week – International Day 2021

We are celebrating international Day on Tuesday, 2/9/2021 at 
9:00- 9:45 am. Join us virtually by logging on to the attached link.
Please use your child’s school google account to join using the attached link. 
Catholic Schools Week 2021 Schedule
2/8 Monday- Para-Liturgy at 12:30pm
2/9 Tuesday- International Day- Virtual Celebration only * Poland- wear its flag color- Red and White
2/10 Wednesday- Student Appreciation Day (Free dress down)
2/11 Thursday- Holy Spirit Day
2/12 Friday- Teacher Appreciation Day/ Wear RED  in honor of St Valentine!
Winter Break starts on Monday, 2/15
School resumes on Monday, 2/22

Grade 8 Science

Week of February 8

Chapter 8 Weathering and Soil Formation

  • Define Chapter 8 Key terms in your notebook
  • Watch the video and take notes for a quiz later
    Submit the video assessment segment of the video
  • https://learn360.infobase.com/PortalPlaylists.aspx?wID=150555&xtid=74433

Week of February 1, 2021

Remote Learning Due to Snowstorm- Monday, 2/1/2021

Grade 7 Science- Chapter 8 Plants p. 250

      Sections 1-5

       Powerpoint presentation- see Google Classroom

  • Define Chapter Key terms
  • Create Outlines in notebook
  • Complete Assessment pages and submit in Google Classroom
  • Answer Guided Reading and Study worksheets
  • Video on plants- watch and take some notes for a Quiz- see Google Classroom
  • Complete Review and Reinforce pdfs
  • Review Study Guide p. 288
  • Complete Review and Assessment pp. 289
  • Answer Checking Concepts 11-17 p. 290
  • Study for a Chapter Test

Grade 8 Science

 Chapter 7 Volcanoes

  • Submit Infographic Poster-Slides  Due Monday, 2/1
  • Print your Volcano Brochure Project and submit
  • Complete Concept Mapping- Use a computer paper
  • Review Guided Reading and Study worksheets
  • Answer Review and Reinforce pdfs
  • Complete Review and Assessment p. 227
  • Checking Concepts p. 228
  • Study Guide p. 226
  • Chapter 8 Test – Wednesday, 2/3

Religion 8-2

Chapter 4 p. 43

  • Read and create 20 questions with answers (looseleaf)
  • Complete the activity on p. 42 and 43
  • Define chapter faith words (notebook)
  • Complete Chapter 4 Assessment p.49

See Google Classroom for more details

Science 8

Week of January 18, 2021

Chapter 7 Volcanoes

Complete Chapter Key Terms

Create outlines and complete assessments of sections 1 and 2

Watch the video and take some notes for a quiz later

Complete Guided Reading and Study worksheets- pdf

See Google Classroom for more details

Science 7

January 18, 2021

Protists and Fungi

Complete worksheets for classwork

Watch the video on Fungi for a quiz later

Create section outlines and complete assessments 1 and 2

Review Powerpoint Presentation on Protists and Fungi

See Google Classroom for more details


Re-registration and Our Lady of Perpetual Help Catholic Academy OPEN HOUSE via Zoom

  OLPHCA brochure with zoom times

Dear Parents/Guardians,

Happy New Year!  I pray that this year will be the end of this pandemic and that it will be a blessed New Year.

Already, re-registration papers have been sent to you, and I am grateful to all of you who have already returned your child/children’s registration for next year.  We want to make sure that we have seats for all of our current students before we admit students coming from other schools to join our academy family.

Thank you for your kind words and letters of thanks for our effort since September 9 in keeping our academy open and our students safe .  It is my honor to serve you and your dear children, and I continue all my efforts on making sure they are well and receiving the best education possible.

Above if you click on the OLPHCA brochure, you can view our zoom times for open houses which this year must still be virtual.  Pass this brochure on to all your family and friends that may wish to attend our outstanding academy.

Please remember that if you refer someone to our academy and they remain for one year, your child’s tuition will be reduced by $750  for the next year.  

May our Lord continue to bless you and your loved ones,

Mrs. DeLuca


Catholic Schools Week- February 8-12

Monday, 2/8 CSW Liturgy 1:00 pm

Tuesday, 2/9 International Day- 9:00 am

Wednesday, 2/10 Students Day

Thursday, 2/11 Spirit Day- Dress Down

Friday, 2/12 Teachers Appreciation Day

Religion 8-2

Chapter 2 Test- 1/11

Classwork: Jan. 11-15

          Chapter 3 Faith words in notebook

           Complete an activity p. 32

           Read text p. 33-37

            Complete p. 38 Activity and Assessment on p. 39

Science 8 Week of 1/11

Health: Food Safety and Disease Prevention

         Review Fast Facts and Vocabulary- Google Classroom

          Copy all topics in notebook

          Watch the video and create 20 questions with answers in loose leaf

           Choose 1 project and submit on Friday, 1/15

            Quiz 1/15

Science 7

        Health: Basic nutrition- see google classroom