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7-1        awnjgs7

7-2       uvsvgav    

8-1       yoycbza
8-2       i3irbic

Religion 8-2          li6bu5d

Homeroom 8-2    ndubhp6



Welcome Letter from the Diocese

Dear Families,
It is with gratitude and excitement that we welcome you to a new academic year. While this academic
year is beginning with similar concerns to the 2020-2021 year, my gratitude stems from our ability to
safely reopen Catholic Academies and Parish Schools once again to in-person learning. We’ve seen
firsthand over the past year how essential it is to provide students with consistent, vibrant educational
opportunities, both remote and in the classroom. The ability to physically welcome students into the
school building brings a sense of renewal and hope within our school communities.
It seems that after a child is born, a parent blinks and their child is ready to attend school. As I watch
my granddaughter prepare for her first day of pre-kindergarten, I am reminded of those first moments
with my own children, filled with nerves and excitement for parent and child. I understand that the
decision to entrust your child to one of our Catholic Academies or Parish Schools is monumental and
for some, the first moments of having your child be cared for outside of the home. This responsibility
is one we hold close to our hearts. The children in our schools are never just students. They are sons
and daughters, siblings, friends, and grandchildren. They are a valued and precious member of our
school communities.
The most significant difference in your school choice is that your child is continuing to build their
faith relationships through the understanding of the love of Christ. The gift of an education is
tremendous for a child. The gift of a faith education is life changing. Children who are provided a
faith-based environment are more likely to practice the faith as adults and instill the same faith in
their children. Catholic school graduates are also more likely to be involved in their communities,
celebrate diversity, and be civically engaged. We are thankful to all our parents and families who
make the sacrifices to choose a Catholic education, especially considering financially and socially
challenging times.
Teachers, staff, and administrators are prepared and excited to begin this academic year with your
child. Our focus, in addition to faith development and academics, is providing a learning environment
which supports the whole child, including their socioemotional growth. This past year while
extremely challenging for adults, has also been challenging for children. We have described them as
“flexible” and “resilient,” but children are perceptive to the stresses and anxieties we feel as adults.
Our teachers have worked diligently to prepare the best environment and supports to help your child
navigate the many challenges they have experienced in the past year. I encourage you to develop and
maintain a strong relationship within the school community and with your child’s teacher. We can
best support students as unified team, with the shared vision of helping all students achieve their full
I pray this academic year continues to be healthy and safe for your family. I look forward to seeing all
our school communities and students accomplish this year, through the grace and love of Christ.
In Christ,
Thomas Chadzutko
Thomas Chadzutko, Ed.D.

Gym Uniform

Richard from GYM UNIFORM will be in the school premises on September 7 from 9:30 to 11:00 am.

Parents may come and and purchase these uniforms or put in an order.

Letter to Parents/Guardians Regarding Opening School Information

August 16, 2021 
Dear Parents/Guardians:
In-person instruction for all classes will begin for Grades K through 8 on Wednesday, September 8. The children from grades 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, and 8 are asked to assemble in the schoolyard on 114th Street.  If it rains, they will enter the academy through the doors on 114th Street and assemble in our auditorium.  Grades K, 1 and 2 are asked to line up in the front of the building.  
The academy class day, for the first few days of school, begins at 8:00 a.m. till 12:30 p.m. on Wednesday , September 8, Thursday, September 9, and Friday, September 10.   Beginning Monday, September 13, the class day will run from 8:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.  The Extended Day Program will begin on Monday, September 13.  The extended day program will be in the auditorium where students may be kept together by grades.
 A separate letter is being mailed to the parents of any Pre-K or Kindergarten child. It will state the class assignment as well as the times for Parent Orientation and when the academy class will begin for the children.
This year we have been approved for two classes of Universal Pre-K 3 and two classes of Universal Pre-K 4; therefore, if you have a child who is either enrolled already with us or wants to enroll in Pre-K 3 or Pre-K4, please register at and click on ‘in district’ to register for our free UPK program. 
All protocols of safety for COVID 19 will be used as was last year.  The children will wear masks and have frequent mask breaks.  Each child will be three feet apart in the classrooms and six feet in the halls.  The building will be fogged for disinfection daily, and all custodians will constantly clean bathrooms, doorknobs, banisters, etc.  We will again use four entrances and exists as last year.  Grades Pre-K and K enter through the front of the building, right door, ground level.  Grades 1 and 2 enter through the main entrance in the front, up the stairs.  Grades 3, 4, and 5 enter from the back of the school building, facing the building, the right-side door to the entrance of the building. Grades 6, 7, and 8 enter from the back of the school building, facing the building, the left-side door to the entrance of the building.
 Daily health screening forms will be required as they were done daily last year for all students, faculty, and staff.  Students will remain in their cohort restricting movement in the building only for specials and lunch.  Air purifiers and hand sanitizers are available in each room.  All visitors are restricted, and we ask, for the safety of the children, to refrain from entering the academy while the children are in the building.  ALSO, AS ALWAYS, FOR THE SAFETY OF ALL CHILDREN, IF YOUR CHILD IS NOT WELL, PLEASE DO NOT SEND THEM TO SCHOOL. 
May we please remind you that the tuition pre-payment, due by August 15, should be mailed to the academy. Please make sure that your account is up to date (registration fees, re-registration fees, and account balances are paid). Your child will not be admitted to class on September 8 if your account is not current. If you have a large outstanding balance from the Extended Day Program, your child will not be allowed to enter the program until this balance is cleared. 
The week of August 23, letters informing you of your child’s homeroom and teacher will be mailed to your home.  The placement of your child was based on the recommendation of your child’s prior year teacher as well as your child’s strengths, weaknesses and their particular need for a specific homeroom teacher. Therefore, we ask that you do not make requests to change these assignments.
 We look forward to the beginning of another productive and blessed year at Our Lady of Perpetual Help Catholic Academy for you and your child/children.
 Sincerely In Christ,
 Mrs. Frances DeLuca
Our Lady of Perpetual Help Catholic Academy
111-10 115 Street
South Ozone Park, NY 11420
To Love Another Person Is To See The Face of God.  Victor Hugo

Press Release from our Superintendent’s Office

Dear Parents/Guardians:

The following press release was sent to us this morning for your information from the Diocesan Superintendent’s Office.

As done last year, our academy will be opening for in-person instruction for our students.  All safety measures and protocols used last year will continue this year.   

As we approach the beginning of the school year, specific instructions will be sent to you regarding lunch, after-school, social distancing, daily health screening sheet, etc. 

We will do our very best, as we did last year to keep the children safe and still provide the best education they deserve.

God bless and watch over you,

Mrs. Frances DeLuca,



PRESS RELEASE: August 12, 2021


The Office of the Superintendent of Catholic Schools for the Diocese of Brooklyn, which includes 69 elementary schools in Brooklyn and Queens, today has announced the COVID-19 safety protocols that will be in place when school opens on Wednesday, September 8, 2021.

In the absence of a mandate, the New York State Department of Health recommends school districts adopt universal indoor masking for all based on guidance from the American Academy of Pediatrics and the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). Therefore, Catholic Academies and Parish Schools in Brooklyn and Queens will require all students, faculty, and staff members to wear masks beginning on the first day of school.

In addition, school officials will continue to encourage vaccinations, social distancing, hand washing and hand hygiene, while maintaining the rigorous daily cleaning and sanitizing of facilities as well as enhanced ventilation. Parents will be reminded to keep their child home from school if they are sick, and their child will be required to receive medical clearance from a healthcare provider that they can safely return to in person instruction.

The Catholic Academies and Parish Schools will also continue to follow city and state guidelines regarding contact tracing, quarantine and isolation protocols.

“As the numbers of Coronavirus cases continue to spike in children, and the overall numbers of hospitalizations in New York City are on the rise, this is the most responsible approach to take when we begin the new school year. I know the return to these safety measures is not the situation parents, teachers or students were hoping to be the case in the 2021-2022 school year, but we cannot ignore the trends,” said Superintendent Dr. Thomas Chadzutko.

“Let us do our part from day one to prevent further increase of cases. If we are successful, as this academic year moves along, we will revisit these guidelines and adjust them accordingly. As much as we want a return to normalcy in our classrooms, we want our students, faculty, and staff to be safe,” continued Dr. Chadzutko.

“Looking at the trajectory of past pandemics, it seems that a virus such as this one does linger for some time even with the vaccination. I have received my vaccination and continue to encourage others to do so as well. It is our hope that the COVID-19 vaccines will help bring an

end to this terrible virus that has controlled our lives for much of the past year and a half,” said The Most Reverend Nicholas DiMarzio, Bishop of Brooklyn.

Catholic schools in Brooklyn and Queens, in adherence to strict guidelines, opened on time for the 2020-2021 school year, and were able to offer five day a week instruction. Enrollment increased in nearly 40% of the schools last year in grades K-8. To learn more about Catholic Schools in Brooklyn and Queens, visit

A Happy and Blessed Easter! Please view our Easter Show and do a virtual tour of the academy!

Dear Parents/ Guardians:

It is with joy that I walk from grade to grade and see the tremendous progress of your dear children.  I am as proud of your children and my teachers as you are!

I thank you for the cooperation from you and your dear children that has kept the children and all of us safe and healthy and  open since September 9, 2021.

I ask and remind you that if you have not re-registered your child for next year that you do so in order to guarantee your child has a seat!  I remind you, also, to continue to send in your financial application to Futures in Education.  The sooner the better – there is still monies to go out for scholarships.  Also, remember, if you refer a person to our school, and they stay for a year, the following year there is a deduction from your child’s tuition of $750 for that year! It will be a win-win situation.

On behalf of our pastor, Fr. Tom, our board chair, Mr. Mangar, and the Board, my teachers and staff, and myself, I wish you a happy and blessed Easter!  May our Lord, Jesus, continue to bless you and your dear children with good health, peace, joy, and prosperity!

Please invite your friends and family to take a virtual tour of our school and also view a part of our Easter Show with our beautiful children!

Virtual Tour OLPHCA Queens-July 9, 2020 Virtual-Tour-OLPHCA-Queens-March 30,2021

PK-3 Jesus is my best friend

Pre K3 Baby Bunny 

God is Not Dead – He’s Alive (1)

Prek4 He’s Got the Whole World in His Hands

7-1 The Passion Part 5

7-1 The Passion Part 6

7-1 The Passion Part 7 (4)

PreK4 Jesus is Alive(1)



Happy and Blessed Easter,

Frances DeLuca








Catholic Schools Week 2021

Catholic Schools Week – International Day 2021

We are celebrating international Day on Tuesday, 2/9/2021 at 
9:00- 9:45 am. Join us virtually by logging on to the attached link.
Please use your child’s school google account to join using the attached link.
Catholic Schools Week 2021 Schedule
2/8 Monday- Para-Liturgy at 12:30pm
2/9 Tuesday- International Day- Virtual Celebration only * Poland- wear its flag color- Red and White
2/10 Wednesday- Student Appreciation Day (Free dress down)
2/11 Thursday- Holy Spirit Day
2/12 Friday- Teacher Appreciation Day/ Wear RED  in honor of St Valentine!
Winter Break starts on Monday, 2/15
School resumes on Monday, 2/22