Scheduled Opening of the School remains the same.

September 2, 2020

Dear Parents and Guardians

We hope you and your children are doing well and preparing for the reopening of our Brooklyn and Queens
Catholic Academies and Parish Schools next week on Wednesday, September 9, 2020.
I am sure that many of you are wondering how Mayor Bill de Blasio’s announcement yesterday, delaying the
opening date of New York City public schools until September 21, might impact us. We want to assure you
that our Catholic Academies and Parish Schools will NOT be affected by this decision.

We are proceeding with our plan to reopen on September 9 in either of two ways: 100 % in-person or hybrid. Our St. Thomas
Aquinas Distance Learning Program will begin orientation on Wednesday, September 16, 2020
We expect that the New York City – Department of Education will fulfill its obligations to our Catholic
Academies and Parish Schools. By New York City Education Law, the Department of Education must
provide essential services like nurses, transportation, meals, and special education and related services. Other
services like security guards and crossing guards are provided to us through other agencies.

It is also our expectation that the NYC Pre-K For All Programs will start as previously determined by your
Catholic Academy or Parish School. Again, we look forward to welcoming your children back to school, as scheduled, next Wednesday,
September 9th. Principals, board members, teachers, and the entire school staff at our Catholic Academies
and Parish Schools have worked tirelessly this summer to ensure a safe and healthy learning environment is in
place for all our students, faculty, staff and parents. Our re-opening plans are in compliance with updated
mandates and guidance from New York City, New York State, Department of Health, and the Centers for
Disease Control. Please make sure that you review your Catholic Academy/Parish School Re-Opening Plan
available on their website.

May everyone be healthy, safe, and well as you enjoy these last few days of summer.
Thomas Chadzutko
Thomas Chadzutko, Ed.D.
Superintendent ~ Catholic School Support Services

St. Thomas Aquinas Virtual Learning Program Information Letter from our superintendent

Dear Parents,

The following information has been sent today to us regarding the Diocese’s virtual learning program.

September 2, 2020

Dear Parents and Guardians,

Congratulations, your child has been accepted into the Saint Thomas Aquinas Distance
Learning Program. We are excited about the incredible response received to this new
initiative and are looking forward to the beginning of the new school year. As servants of the
Lord, we are called to answer the needs of his people in 2020, that means virtual learning.
Information pertaining to the pick-up of student devices and other materials will be
forthcoming. We are currently arranging the logistics and locations aligned with safety
precautions regarding the distribution of materials. We are also in the process of finalizing
faculty and student schedules for the instructional program – families can look forward to
hearing from your child’s teachers soon.

In the days ahead, we will be sending out more information regarding your child’s online
learning accounts and your parent portal information; please keep checking your email.
Additionally, you may visit the website: and the FAQ page
regarding details on some of the many questions that have been received. Please check the
site regularly, as important updates and new information will be shared, as we approach the
first day of school.

The distance learning program orientation schedule will begin on September 16th, and
continue through September 18th, with the first full day of instruction to take place on
September 21st
Saint Thomas Aquinas, pray for us and bless our new instructional program.
Thomas Chadzutko
Thomas Chadzutko, Ed.D.
Superintendent ~ Catholic School Support Services



Superintendent’s Message to Begin School As Planned September 9,2020

Dear Parents,

Below please find the superintendents’s letter to the chancellor’s office informing them that all Catholic schools will re-open as scheduled and requesting the services our children will need beginning September 9, 2020

Thank you,

Mrs. DeLuca

September 1, 2020

Dear Chancellor Carranza,
Catholic schools in the Archdiocese of New York and the Diocese of Brooklyn have worked tirelessly
throughout the summer months (July and August) to ensure a safe, healthy and efficient reopening of all
Catholic schools and the programs provided to our students and families. We have absolute confidence in our
principals and teachers to do so; therefore, we are officially informing the New York City Department of
Education and the City of New York that our academic year will commence as scheduled and on time
(September 9, 2020).
Further, it is our expectation that New York City will fulfill its obligations in providing the following services
to all the Catholic in the Archdiocese of New York and the Diocese of Brooklyn:
● Nurses to the schools where they have been assigned;
● Transportation for our students to and from our schools;
● Meals through the various New York City Department of Education nutrition programs.
It is also our expectation that the UPK programs housed in our schools for which we have been contracted will
not be impacted by the change of the New York City Public Schools start date.
We welcome hearing back from you within the next 24 hours that you will be guaranteeing the provision of
these services to all of the Catholic Schools within the Archdiocese of New York and the Diocese of Brooklyn.
Mr. Michael J. Deegan, Archdiocese of New York

Thomas Chadzutko, Ed.D
Superintendent of Schools Superintendent – Catholic Schools Support Services
 R.C. Diocese of Brooklyn



Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Websites

Dear Parents,

It has been wonderful to see you on my zoom meetings and discuss our Re-opening Plan.  I joyfully await your children’s return when school begins.

For your information, I am providing you with the websites for the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention as well as the Occupational Safety and Health Administration.

a. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention 
b. Occupational Safety and Health Administration 

God bless and watch over you and your dear children.

Mrs. DeLuca




Clarifications for Beginning of the Year for Students and Dismissal Times

Dear Parents/Guardians:
 During several meetings we have had this Monday and Tuesday with the Diocesan Office and our EPAC cluster/Deanery, we, as principals have been given specific information that we did not have before. All schools in our cluster will be following a 1:30 dismissal schedule to further ensure the safety and comfort of our children.
 To ensure that disinfection of our building is done in a timely manner, as well as to ensure that all the children dismiss only one class at a time, 6 ft. apart on the steps, ten to fifteen minutes apart, the following schedule for dismissal has to be implemented by all schools in our Deanery. 
 Dismissal of Grades:
 Pre-k3/4 – 1:30 pm                                                   Grade 5 – A – 2:20 pm
 Pre-4 – 1:40 pm                                                        Grade 5 – B – 2:30 pm
 Kindergarten 1:50 pm                                              Grade 6 – A – 1:30 pm
 Graded 1 1:30 pm                                                    Grade 6 – B – 1:40 pm
 Grade 2 – A 1:45 pm                                                Grade 7 – A – 1:45 pm
 Grade 2 – B 2:00 pm                                                Grade 7 – B – 2:00 pm
 Grade 3 1:30 pm                                                      Grade 8 – A – 2:10 pm
 Grade 4 – A 2:00 pm                                                Grade 8 – B – 2:20 pm
 Grade 4 – B 2:15 pm
Entrances to and exists from the building remain the same as those provided in the Logistics Plan.
 Being in class from 8 to 1:30 allows us the 5 and 1/2 hours students need to be in class daily mandated by the State.
 At dismissal, as the students leave, they will be provided with a cold lunch they can eat at home, allowing us to remove some of the issues that deal with eating without a mask in the classroom.
 For the younger students, who this may be a long time to go without food, a snack is permitted at about 11 a.m.. All grades will be permitted to eat a snack, one row at a time, while others keep their masks on.
 Teachers and school staff will remain in the school till 3 pm to confer with fellow teachers, meet parents for appointments, receive professional development or prepare for next morning.
 At 3 p.m. sanitizing of the building begins. After-school begins at 3 pm till 6 pm in the academy auditorium.  The auditorium will be sanitized after 6 p.m.
 On September 9 only grades 6, 7, and 8 will be in school. On September 10 only grades 3, 4, and 5 will be in school. On September 11 only grades K, 1, and 2 will be in school. This allows the children to become acquainted with new procedures in the building.
 Teachers must be in school on all days. Dismissal for students on the first week of school will be at 12:30 pm five to 10 minutes apart. Faculty meetings will follow each day. Pre-3/4 begin September 14 as well as all other students return.
 We were also informed that Remote Learning can be done for Art/Spanish and Gym. Therefore, these teachers will be providing Health and Art remotely to your children. 
 After school will be conducted in the academy auditorium. All students in a grade must remain together and therefore, the auditorium is divided into sections, 6 ft. apart per grade.
 Masks must be worn all day but with the early dismissal, masks will be better tolerated. Also, mask breaks will be given with only one row at a time being without a mask. This same procedure would be used when eating a snack – one row at a time.
The State mandates that parents must confirm daily that they are taking their child’s temperature at home, that the child is not sick or exhibits symptoms of Covid 19, or that the child has not been exposed to anyone with Covid 19 symptoms or been out of the country or state. A form questionnaire will be sent to you this week by your child’s homeroom teacher. You must confirm this Daily Health Screening questionnaire every morning and submit it on your child’s teacher via class Dojo.   
 Faculty must confirm to me the same information every morning.
  Everyone’s temperature will still be taken every morning before entering the building. For further safety to our children, visitors are asked not to enter the school building while the children are in school.
 Everything this year is a work in progress. Everything is new. We are all trying our best. Thank you for your cooperation as we continue to work together to ensure our children’s safety and partner in their educational journey.
God bless you, protect you and your dear families. 
 Mrs. Frances DeLuca


Dear Parents,

I have received the information below to provide parents who are choosing to have their child/children receive virtual learning for September 2020.


As we begin the 2020-2021 academic year, we know that it will be an incredibly unique year, and students and families will have diverse needs and preferences.

To provide the best Catholic education possible, and to give options for those who cannot, or prefer not, to return to the classroom at all this fall, a 100% distance learning opportunity and option for students of the Catholic Academies and Parish Schools of the Diocese of Brooklyn and Queens will be provided.

The St Thomas Aquinas Distance Learning Program will be the distance education provider for students of our Catholic Academies and Parish Schools, who will not be returning to the classroom.

Information sessions to review program details and answer questions about this online choice, will be held via live ZOOM webinars. The recording of these sessions will be made available online after the meetings.

These sessions will cover the rationale, scope, learning expectations and next steps to enroll your child in the 100% distance learning option. (Separate meetings have been, or will be held by your principal to discuss the in-person, and hybrid class planning at your academy.)

You will meet the Principal of the program, Manuela Adsuar-Pizzi, and learn how it will work and how your child will remain enrolled at the home academy, while receiving virtual classes and distance learning through the St Thomas Aquinas Distance Learning Program

Please register to attend either session:

We look forward to partnering with you, your child, and our network of Catholic educators to provide each child the education they deserve.

Zoom Meetings for Re-Opening Plan

Dear Parents/Guardians:
 Zoom meetings have been set for you to clarify any questions you may have about the Re-opening Plan.
Please be aware of the different dates and times for individual grades.
PreK 3 and PreK 4 –  parents of Prek 3 and Prek 4
Thursday, August 20 at 7 pm, ID# 967 474 0231, Pass code  2aPaty.
Cohort 1 –  parents of Grades K, 1, and 2.
Wednesday, August 26 at 7 pm, ID#967 474 0231, Pass code 2aPaty.
Cohort 2 – parents of Grades 3, 4, and 5.
Thursday, August 27 at 7 pm, ID# 967 474 0231, Pass code 2aPaty.
Cohort 3 – parents of Grades 6, 7, and 8.
Friday, August 28 at 7 pm, ID#967 474 0231, Pass code 2aPaty.
May God bless and watch over you and your family,
Mrs. DeLuca

Saint Thomas Aquinas Distance Learning Academy Information Continued

Dear Parents/Guardians,

The Office of the Superintendent has provided our academies with the following information.


Saint Thomas Aquinas Distance Learning Catholic Academy
Frequently Asked Questions
How will my student access remote learning materials? Will Saint Thomas
Aquinas Distance Learning Catholic Academy students be provided with devices?
Every Saint Thomas Aquinas Distance Learning Catholic Academy will receive the
necessary tools and materials, including either an iPad, or a Chrome book for remote
learning. In order to keep students connected and be able to meet instructional
requirements when learning remotely, every student will also have access to Google
Classroom, and other apps.

How will my child grow as a Catholic Christian at Saint Thomas Aquinas
Distance Learning Catholic Academy?
St. Thomas Aquinas believed that each child is created in the image and likeness of God,
and the school community shares in the responsibility to help all students develop their
God-given talents, to the best of their ability. Students will take an active role in
understanding and participating in their faith formation. Catholic Christian doctrine
will be taught through meaningful lessons and activities, integrated through rich
multimedia, relevant and connected to the student’s life.

Can my child begin at Saint Thomas Aquinas Distance Learning Catholic
Academy in September, and return to their home school anytime during the school
The intent for all students enrolled in Saint Thomas Aquinas Distance Learning Catholic
Academy is to complete the entire 2020-2021 school year. Parents may choose to return
to their home school upon the completion of the first trimester, subject to seat
availability in the home school.

Who will be my child’s teacher at Saint Thomas Aquinas Distance Learning
Catholic Academy? Will my child be taught by a teacher from his/her home
All classes will be taught by teachers, specifically chosen to be part of this distance
learning Catholic academy. Within the Diocese of Brooklyn there are high-quality
teachers minitsering throughout all the Catholic Academies and Parish Schools in
Brooklyn and Queens. Parents and students can expect the same caliber of teacher, with
consistent experience.

Will my children know any of the other students enrolled in Saint Thomas
Aquinas Distance Learning Catholic Academy?
While creating class sections, the school administration will make every effort to have
same grade level children from a particular home school be placed together.

Does my child have to wear a Saint Thomas Aquinas Distance Learning Catholic
Academy school uniform?
Students will not be expected to purchase a Saint Thomas Aquinas Distance Learning
Catholic Academy school uniform, however when classes are in session, students will be
expected to wear their home school’ s uniform.

Will my child be learning the same curriculum as his/her classmates in their home
All students attending Saint Thomas Aquinas Distance Learning Catholic Academy will
have courses aligned to the New York Learning Standards. The instructional plan is to
provide each student with access to the Savvas Realize digital instructional platform.
Students will have access to the most up-to-date instructional materials, including
digital versions of Reading Street, Elevate Science, enVision Mathematics, My World
Interactive Social Studies series, and My Perspectives Reading and Writing series.

Will my child be using the same books as his classmates at his home school?
Instructional materials used throughout all Catholic Academies and Parish Schools are
aligned to the New York Learning Standards. Many of the schools within the Diocese
use Pearson/Savvas products. All products being used at Saint Thomas Aquinas
Distance Learning Catholic Academy will be the most up-to-date digital versions.

How will I be able to contact my child’s teacher, if I have questions?
Saint Thomas Aquinas Distance Learning Catholic Academy will establish protocols to
communicate with families, including, but not limited to teacher emails, Microsoft
Teams and Zoom meetings, and other tools.

How will Saint Thomas Aquinas Distance Learning Catholic Academy share
learning experiences with families?
Saint Thomas Aquinas Distance Learning Catholic Academy will use a multi-pronged
approach to help families engage with learning. Teachers will post assignments in
Google Classroom and meet with students via Google Meet. Additionally, teachers may
have synchronous online office hours where learners and parents can meet and discuss
the learning units of study, which have been developed. Also, the teachers and school
leader will respond to all emails from students and parents as soon as possible, within a
maximum 24-hour timeframe.

What will be Saint Thomas Aquinas Distance Learning Catholic Academy’s
grading policy?
Your child will be assessed continuously and will receive progress reports and report
cards. Detailed information about the grading policies will be provided, when the
school year begins.

How can I support my child’s learning if we have multiple children at home?
Creating schedules and having quiet places for study will help, when multiple children
are attempting their schoolwork each day.

How will I know that my child is staying on track with his/her learning?
There will be many ways in which Saint Thomas Aquinas Distance Learning Catholic
Academy teachers will be involved in monitoring the progress of students and sharing
this information with families. Your child’s teacher will provide feedback through
various digital platforms and will be available to students and their families during
designated office hours.

What if my child has an IEP or receives Special Education services?
Saint Thomas Aquinas Distance Learning Catholic Academy is currently investigating
all possible service delivery methods to provide Special Education supports and
services. Student’s Individual Education Plans will be carefully reviewed, and services
will be based on an individual student need basis.

How will my child’s attendance be taken and recorded?
Attendance recording will occur through a child’s daily meetings and interactions with
their teachers. Attendance data will be monitored, to ensure that students are engaged in
their learning and to follow up with families where there are concerns.

My child is a high performing student, how will he/she be challenged, have his/her
needs met?
Saint Thomas Aquinas Distance Learning Catholic Academy will be adopting the
adaptive learning system, iReady. Through periodic assessments, the iReady learning
system will develop individualized student learning plans to support student

My child will be entering the 8th grade, will the high school application process be
coordinated by Saint Thomas Aquinas Distance Learning Catholic Academy?
Saint Thomas Aquinas Distance Learning Catholic Academy is a full-service educational
program. Teachers will be responsible for the coordination of the high school
articulation process and will communicate with the home school for any needed student
data/records retrieval purposes.
There will be on-going communication between Saint Thomas Aquinas Distance
Learning Catholic Academy and the home school, throughout the entire high school

St. Thomas Aquinas Distance Learning Academy Information

Dear Parents/Guardians,

The following information below has been sent to us by the Diocese of Brooklyn Superintendent’s office for parents interested in Virtual Distance Learning in our academies.

Mrs. DeLuca

August 10, 2020
Dear Parents and Guardians of Catholic Academy and Parish School Students,
On Friday, August 7, 2020, Governor Cuomo informed New York State that all schools
can open for in-person instruction, beginning in September 2020. Our Catholic
Academies and Parish Schools have been preparing school re-opening plans, so that
children could return to safe and healthy school environments, which will adhere closely
to New York State, New York City, and Center for Disease Control guidelines and
COVID-19 has impacted families differently, with many families not certain that

inperson learning is the best choice for their children at this time. Hearing the need to
support families with their educational choices, the Office of the
Superintendent~Catholic School Support Services will be launching a Diocesan-wide
distance learning Catholic academy. Saint Thomas Aquinas Distance Learning Catholic
Academy will serve as a full-time distance learning option for students in Kindergarten
through Grade 8. The distance learning Catholic academy is intended to support the
Catholic Academies and Parish Schools within the Diocese of Brooklyn and enable
families to remain enrolled at their current Catholic Academy/Parish School but receive
their instruction remotely.
Saint Thomas Aquinas Distance Learning Catholic Academy has been established to
provide a Christ-centered instructional program, which is student-centered,
differentiated and academically challenging, using diagnostic testing and frequent
benchmark indicators to accurately, regularly measure student progress. Teachers will
communicate student learning expectations, provide resources, collect assignments, and
provide feedback, using a platform most appropriate to meet student needs.
A principal has been hired to oversee the development and implementation of Saint
Thomas Aquinas Distance Learning Catholic Academy’s academic and faith formation
programs. At the present, a talented team of experienced teachers, with experience in
digital teaching is being assembled.
Virtual conferences will be set-up, during the week of August 17th, allowing all
interested families to receive additional information about Saint Thomas Aquinas
Distance Learning Catholic Academy. Enclosed with this letter is a copy of a
Frequently Asked Questions handout, and a programmatic details handout. It is our
hope that the handouts will provide you with additional information.
Continued prayers for you, and your family!
Thomas Chadzutko
Thomas Chadzutko, Ed.D.
Superintendent ~ Catholic School Support Services

Re-Opening Plan – Logistics and Planning

August 15, 2020
Dear Parents/Guardians,
Below, please find the Component, Logistics and Planning, of the Re-Opening Plan, which the Diocesan office has instructed principals to email to faculty, parents, and Board members for the September 9, 2020 re-opening.
Other components of the plan, such as Social and Emotional, Technology, Curriculum and Instruction, and Early Childhood will be discussed during faculty meetings with the faculty and staff for the benefit of the children.  This Re-opening plan has already been submitted to the Department of Health and to the Department of Education.  
The Logistics and Planning component of the plan will also be placed on our website.
You will be provided next week, after parents have had a week to review this plan,  Zoom codes for Zoom meetings with me, in order to give you the opportunity to ask me questions that may need further clarification for you.  
Please be aware that if you have informed us, in writing as requested by us, that your child will be doing Distance Learning, although your child will remain as enrolled in our academy, you will receive specific instructions through an email from Ms. Debbie Dibrino about St. Thomas Aquinas Distance Learning Academy which will provide the instruction.
God bless,
Mrs. Frances DeLuca
Logistics and
Diocese of Brooklyn
Identifying the Re-Opening Plan for Our
Lady of Perpetual Help Catholic Academy
for September 2020
• Our Lady of Perpetual Help Catholic Academy has identified Plan A for
full re-opening in September 2020, preparing for the return of all
students enrolled whose families have chosen their child to receive inschool,
face-to-face instruction, along with students whose parents
have chosen Distance/virtual digital instruction at home. The school
hours will be 8 to 3 for both in school students and students receiving
real time instruction at home. Yet, in the event of the need for
transitioning to full Distance Learning, all protocols already exist as our
academy will in September 2020 be providing synchronous instruction
to 51 families who has chosen only Digital Remote Learning for their

• All CDC, NYS, and DOH Guidelines for Social Distancing of 6 ft.
between every student/person, hand and respiratory hygiene, testing,
and tracing will be adhered to. Face coverings will be used by all
students, teachers, teacher assistants, teacher aides, custodians, office
staff, administration, and all visitors.

• Separating students in a grade into several classroom, depending on
enrollment, will occur allowing for only a maximum of 15 students per
classroom, 6 ft. apart to allow for social distancing. Markings in the
room with taping of every other desk allows students to identify their
place in any classroom. Markings on the floors and walls for one-way
hall direction and 6 ft. spacing allows students to consistently see
where to stand.

• Each grade will have one or two teachers depending on grade
enrollment. Teacher assistants will be used to supervise in an adjacent
room the remaining students from a particular grade who are receiving
synchronous instruction, in real time, through a digital device and/or the
Smartboard in the room. All students would have digital devices to
always be connected to the teacher for instruction or guidance during
individual or group work.

• According to CDC guidance, the students would remain in the same
classroom all day to allow for the least amount of contact with others.
Instead, teachers will switch from class to class. The teacher using
multisensory, interdisciplinary lessons would begin instruction for 15-20
minutes to all students. Through the Google Meet or Zoom platform, all
classrooms of that grade will receive simultaneous instruction by the
teacher, including students at home. After the presentation of the
lesson, during differentiated instruction, the teacher and teacher
assistant would switch classrooms to allow the practice part of the
lesson to include differentiation in instruction. Group letters (rather than
proximity of seating) would identify groupings of students in school or at
home receiving the same resources, content, and intervention for both
advanced/challenging instruction or remediation.

• Hand sanitizers will be in each room, and disinfection of everything in
the classroom, restrooms, and halls, etc. will occur daily, as well as
sanitizing during the day of restrooms and halls. An isolation area will
be set up in the event students becomes ill.

• The principal will be responsible for developing the plan, affirming to
having read and adhere to its guidance.
Creating well defined entrance protocols
for students, teachers, and visitors
• Our Lady of Perpetual Catholic Academy plans to open our
Academy incorporating Plan A which entails the full opening for all
students who have chosen in-classroom instruction versus
home/virtual instruction. Yet, in the event of the need for
transitioning to full Distance Learning, all protocols already exist as
our academy has and will continue to provide Distance Learning if
necessary. In September 2020, as well as providing a full
opening, face-to-face instruction, our academy will be providing
synchronous instruction through Distance Learning to 51 students
whose parents have chosen only Digital Remote Learning for their
child/children. All CDC, NYS, and DOH Guidelines for Social
Distancing of 6 ft. between every person will be adhered to in
every part of the school building, classrooms, restrooms,
entrances and exists, isolation areas, and offices.

• There are four entrance possibilities for entering the building for
students. All students by grade will be assigned one of the
entrance options – Option A, B, C, and D. Line up at each option
entrance for the students will occur with designated markings of 6
ft. apart, and everyone entering the school must have a face
covering. Option A, at the right front of the building, will be
assigned to Pre-K3, Pre-4, and Kindergarten students. Option B,
at the front main entrance of the building, will be assigned to grade
1 and grade 2. Option C, the right back of the school building, will
be assigned to grades 3, 4 and 5. Option D, on the left entrance
at the back of the school building, will be assigned to grades 6, 7,
and 8.

• Teachers, teacher assistants and teacher aides report at 7:30 a.m.
and enter through the side entrance of the school building
designated only for them, report to their classrooms, and then at
7:55 a.m. report to the entrance and monitor social distancing
where their students will be entering. Visitors, wearing face
coverings, and following social distancing, are permitted to enter
through the front main entrance of the building where the secretary
will sign them in. Only essential visitors are encouraged to enter
the building assuring the least amount of exposure to the students.
Adults using N95 masks are positioned in each of the Option A, B,
C, D and side entrances with no contact infrared thermometers
taking the temperature of the students, teachers, and visitors as
they enter the building.

• Entering the building, floor and wall markings, 6 ft. apart, will be
visible for one-direction flow hallways. When existing the school
premises, the same assigned options used for morning entrance
will be used for existing the building. Parents will be informed of
pick-up staggered dismissal times, as well as specific procedures
for pick-up areas.
Developing routines for daily health checks
• Each morning adults, wearing N95 masks, are positioned in
each of the Option A, B, C, D, and teacher side entrance with
no contact infrared thermometers taking the temperature of
the students, teachers, teacher assistants, teacher aides, and
visitors as they enter the building. Parents/guardians and
school personnel will be instructed that any student or staff
member with a fever of 100.4 degrees Fahrenheit or greater
and/or symptoms of possible Covid 19 virus will be sent to the
isolation area to be picked up by a parent/guardian.

• Academy personnel will check daily for the following
symptoms of Multisystem Inflammatory syndrome in Children
(MIS-C) associated with COVID 19, which is a serious
condition associated with COVID 19 in children and youth.
The DOH academy nurse will notify the parent/guardian if
their child shows any of the following symptoms: fever,
abdominal pain, vomiting, diarrhea, neck pain, rash, bloodshot
eyes, and feeling extra tired. The nurse will instruct the
parent/guardian that the child be referred for immediate follow
up with a healthcare provider. The student will be permitted to
re-enter class only with doctor’s clearance.

• All personnel and families will be instructed to stay home
when feeling ill. We will actively encourage employees and
students who are ill or have recently been in close contact
with a person with COVID 19 to stay home. Personnel
becoming ill during class time will be asked to go immediately
to their physician for testing and a teacher assistant would
take his/her place for the day. Students becoming ill will be
accompanied to the isolation area to be picked up by parent,
and the remaining students will be moved to another
classroom till the area has been disinfected. All personnel
and student health checks will be conducted safely and
respectfully and in accordance with any applicable privacy
laws and regulations. The academy principal and the DOH
academy nurse will be the persons designated responsible for
responding to staff and families regarding the COVID 19

• In the event that large-scale testing becomes necessary
where 3 or more students out of 15 become ill, arrangements
will be made for in-school testing of personnel and students.
We are awaiting directives from the DOH regarding protocol
for such a situation.

• Training of personnel to recognize the COVID 19 symptoms:
fever or chills, cough, shortness of breath, fatigue, muscle or
body aches, headache, new loss of taste or smell, sore throat,
congestion or runny nose, nausea or vomiting, diarrhea.

Developing protocols for social distancing
in the classroom
• All parents/guardians were provided with the option
of in-school instruction or distance digital instruction
for their child. The following protocols for social
distancing in the classroom will be shared with all
school personnel, students, board of directors,
families, church and community.

• Our Lady of Perpetual Help Catholic Academy will
be following all social distancing guidelines;
therefore, classroom will have 15 students allowing
for the students and teacher personnel to be 6 ft.
apart. Taped off areas on classroom floors,
hallways, walls, and line-up areas etc. would
identify the 6 ft. social distancing for each area.

• Students will remain in the classroom and teachers
will switch classrooms, therefore, restricting hallway
movement and limiting exposure to large numbers
of students. All special subject teachers will come
to the individual classrooms.

• All students will have lunch in the classroom and
only during assigned times will a class proceed,
with social distancing, to the schoolyard for fresh

• All student textbooks, digital devices, personal
items, and resources will be labeled for individual
student use. Shared items will not be permitted.
Therefore, allowing students to maintain 6 ft.
distance when using resources in the classroom.
Developing a plan for social distancing outside of the
classroom in highly populated areas like
hallway/locker areas, restrooms, locker rooms,
lunchroom/cafeteria, the library, etc. This includes a
plan for Mass and extra-curricular activities.
• Social distancing throughout the building such as in the hallway will be
designated by markings along the floor 6 ft. apart. One direction flow
hallways will allow students not to travel in the hallways face to face.
Teachers and teacher assistants monitor students to ensure procedures
presented to them at the beginning of the year are understood and

• Staggered scheduling among the teachers on the floor will allow for
only one class of 15 students being accompanied by the teacher to go
to the restroom. If a student during class time must use the restroom,
procedure calls for two students, advised to walk 6 ft. apart, will go to
the rest room, if someone is already there, they will wait outside till the
student leaves.

• Signs will be posted in highly visible locations such as school
entrances, exits, restrooms, etc. that promote everyday protective
measures, such as properly washing hands, safe hygiene protocols,
and wearing face coverings.

• Lunch will be sent up to the classrooms; therefore, there is no need for
students to proceed to the cafeteria.

• All special teachers will be going directly to the classroom. We do not
have locker rooms or locker areas.

• Our breakfast and after-school programs, as well as all extra-curricular
activities will be held in the auditorium. Three Cohorts will be identified
in the following way – Cohort I – Pre-k3, Pre-k4, Kindergarten, Cohort II
– Grades 2, 3, 4, Cohort III – Grades 5 and 6. The moderators present
with have more than 15 students, 6 ft. apart wearing face coverings,
and maintaining hygiene protocols for disinfecting of materials needed.

• First Friday Mass, as well as other religious events, will follow the same
CDC guidelines of students being seated 6 ft. apart, with facial
covering, and receiving Holy Communion only in the hand, removing
the facial covering just to put Jesus in their mouth.
• All social distancing of 6 ft. in our breakfast and after-school program
will be possible in our school auditorium. Students in these programs
as well as the supervising teachers will have to use face coverings.
Parents picking up their children are mandated to wear face coverings
and maintain 6 ft. distance from the group.

• Students utilizing DOE transportation buses must adhere to face
coverings, safety belts, and 6 ft. social distancing. We await guidance
from NYC DOE.
Developing scheduling options to facilitate
reduced capacity at school
• In order to facilitate the reduced capacity of
the school, and also, alleviate concern for
sending their child/children, to face-to-face
instruction, parents have been provided with
the option of Distance Digital Instruction.

• As a result, 51 students of our 446 enrollment
will be receiving virtual instruction at home
through Google Meet or Zoom. Parents were
requested to inform us by email if they chose
this option.

• To accommodate social distance requirements
based on enrollment of each grade, all empty
classrooms, as well as the faculty room, title I
room, and reimagining as classrooms other
areas such as the auditorium separated by
movable dividers, etc. are being used to
maintain this safety requirement.

• Limiting visitors during the time the students
are in class is a priority; therefore, the
scheduling of parent appointments after
school hours is necessary to limit exposure of
the children to others.
Creating a plan to handle confidentiality issues
• All personnel and student health checks
will be conducted safely and respectfully
and in accordance with any applicable
privacy laws and regulations.

• A confidential communication system for
staff, students and families will be used for
self-reporting of symptoms. For example,
if a teacher becomes ill, he/she will call
the principal’s cell phone and be
immediately relieved to see the nurse.

• Students who appear to be ill, or selfreport illness, will be sent to the nurse’s
office with a written note. All
conversations will be held confidential by
the teacher, nurse, and principal.

• If a student, teacher or any other school
personnel or school visitor were in close
or proximate contact with others at the
school location and tests positive for
COVID 19, the principal and/or the DOH
nurse will immediately notify and
cooperate with state and local health
departments with contact tracing efforts,
including notification of potential contacts,
such as other students, teachers, school
personnel or school visitors, who had
close or proximate contact with the
individual, while maintaining confidentiality
required by state and federal law and
Procuring the necessary supplies for hygiene
like hand sanitizer, wipes with bleach, etc.
• To ensure that all CDC disinfecting protocols are
followed, we have requested through the Diocese
of Brooklyn, Rocklyn, to be included in the
purchase of a Sanitizing Bulk Package consisting of
a Hydro Fog Machine, Diamond 1000 DSV
Disinfectant Sanitizer and Virucide, Respirator
Mouth and Nose, Replacement cartridges.

• After August 15, Rocklyn will come into our
academy building and sanitize the complete school

• In all our classrooms and offices, we have hand
sanitizers that dispense disinfecting lotion.

• We have purchased some items such as household
bleach, but now we await instructions to purchase
in bulk when we order for the academy with other
Deanery schools.
Creating a plan for deep-cleaning of facilities and
high touch areas daily, between alternate
schedules, in the case of evidence of positive
cases, etc.
• Daily deep-cleaning of our facility with be done of
the whole school building with the Hydro Fog
Disinfecting machine. After this procedure, all
banisters, doorknobs, and highly touched areas will
be disinfected with a mixture of diluted household
bleach or NYS DEC and EPA registered household

• Three to four times a day, disinfection of restrooms
will occur.

• In the event that a student or teacher becomes ill
and tests positive, the area or room will be closed
off and will not be used until cleaning and
disinfecting. It is recommended to wait at least 24
hours before cleaning and disinfecting or as long as
Developing any necessary protocols for wearing
face masks including creating plans for students
with sensory issues
• The recommendation by the CDC of wearing
face coverings will be reinforced at the
academy. Therefore, all teachers, teacher
aids, teacher assistants, students, office
personnel, custodians, parents, visitors, etc.
must enter the school building with a face

• All parents have been informed that their
children must be sent to school with a face
covering of their choice. Therefore, any child
that needs a specific face covering because of
sensory issues can use a face covering
provided by the family that is acceptable to the

• There will be face masks available for those
students or teachers that do not come in with
a face covering. There will be kn95 and n95
masks available for those who will be taking
the temperature in the morning.
• I have completed the survey for supplies and
face covering needs requested by Christina
Reviewing and updating the Emergency
Contact Plan
All emergency plans are reviewed and updated with
parents and all other stakeholders through an email
blast to each individual parent/guardian. Also, a
copy of the plan is immediately placed on our
website and the child’s homeroom teacher’s
homework page.
All changes such as school closings are noted
immediately and notification goes out to all faculty,
parents, office personnel, board of directors, and
pastor as soon as possible via our emergency relay
Periodically surveying stakeholders to
evaluate programming and support and
make adjustments.
The academy will each trimester of the school year
survey teachers, students, and parents to evaluate
and make adjustments to the academy’s procedures
and protocols according to the needs of the
Parent Zoom meetings can be arranged to
brainstorm with parents about programming.