Letter to the Graduates of 2020 – Graduation June 12, 2020

Dear Graduates,
Congratulations!  You have reached a very important milestone in your life.  I am filled with pride for the faith-filled, wonderful, intelligent young men and women that you’ve become!  As you graduate from our academy to attend various high schools, I am confident that you have been prepared well spiritually, academically, and socially at Our Lady of Perpetual Help Catholic Academy.  Together, faculty and parents, we have worked hard to help you acquire the skills you will need to be successful the rest of your life. 
The world, unfortunately, in this year of 2020, has thrown us a major challenge, not just to you, my dear graduates, but to the world!  Yet, in the midst of this major pandemic, my very dear children, you have adapted well and continued to persevere with your studies.  As graduates of our academy, you have already felt and learned the values of God’s Commandments of love and service to each other.  Through trust in, and knowledge of Jesus Christ, you have been given the courage to be a person of faith, perseverance, goodness, character, and integrity.  You have been blessed to be in an academy of wonderful diversity, in background, ethnicity, and religion; and my dear graduates, you have learned how every person has received gifts unique to that person for the betterment of the world.
This year of our lives, I am sure, will be recorded in history, my dear graduates.  I pray that each of you will make history by the special purpose our Lord has chosen just for you to accomplish on this earth!  The talents our Lord gave you are meant to be used to make this a better world.  Only you can accept God’s gifts to you and continue to work hard to accomplish your goals.
As you leave Our Lady of Perpetual Help Catholic Academy, continue to pray daily.  Strive to do the right thing always.  Keep God in every aspect of your life, and His grace will be with you always.   Take with you not only the academic skills we’ve taught you but the skills of discipline and social justice that will make you the leaders of the future. 
May God always bless and watch over you as you continue in your life’s journey.
Love and prayers,
Mrs. Frances DeLuca

Blessed Memorial Day! Let Us Pray for our veterans!

Dear Parents/Guardians and Students,

Today, we, especially, pray and give thanks to God for all those veterans that gave up their lives in order that the rest of us would be safe.  We also thank God for the heroes of today during Covid19 who serve others.

This weekend, although it is a day of rest, we need to continue to be mindful of safety measures such as the use of masks and having 6 feet social distancing.  I continue to pray for all of you and those most affected by the Covid 19 virus.

As I prayed the Rosary this morning with teachers and children, I remind you that weekly on Mondays, at 11, I will pray with the children.  Please remember that last weeks codes will continue till I provide new codes in June.

I remind you to please submit all re-registration materials and tuition payments to the regular academy address 111-10 115 Street, South Ozone Park, NY  11420.  This mail is forwarded to the Rectory, and we pick up the mail once to twice a week and record everything. 

The following letter is being shared with you, sent to us by our Superintendent of Schools:


May 22, 2020

Dear Catholic Academy and Parish School Families,

Let me begin by trusting that you and your family are safe and healthy as you read this letter. I also want to express my gratitude for your patience and understanding, as we continue to move through remote learning, during this pandemic crisis. We have experienced drastic changes over the past months and through your tremendous assistance, continue to be able to provide joyful student learning. Our goal is to provide continuous educational opportunities and practice for our students, while schools continue to remain closed.

Teachers have been working tirelessly providing students with instructional work tasks and activities, however, grading student assignments, tasks and projects completed online at home is inequitable. Translated, grades collected are likely to be an inaccurate reporting of student learning. There are factors outside of the control of the student and the school, with learning being moved off site; therefore, the aim is that student grades would be flexibly calculated as a result of remote learning.

While assessing for student learning informs understanding and mastery, grading refers to the reporting of student’s final proficiency. For third trimester report card grading, the Office of the Superintendent~ Catholic School Support Services will be moving to a Pass/Fail model. Since two-thirds of the academic year has been completed and teachers have recorded data on student progress, a final grade average will be determined by the averaging of the First and Second Trimester grades and factoring in the pass/fail progress a student makes during the Third Trimester. The recommendation on grading is based upon the belief of no educational harm to any child. COVID 19 and the suspension of on-school-site instruction, the first in modern history, has impacted our entire society.

The Early Childhood report cards in Pre-Kindergarten-4 (parish programs) and Kindergarten will continue to reflect the Progress Codes (1-4) for the standards and an “X” code for “Not Introduced or Assessed” for the Third Trimester Report Card.

The Pre-Kindergarten-3 or Nursery report card is a narrative, developmental report card.

Grades 1-8 will shift to a Pass/Fail model, with the following levels of reporting for the Third Trimester:

High Pass, Pass, Low Pass, Fail for the major subject areas of: Religion, ELA, Math, Science and Social Studies. Special Subjects should also employ the levels of High Pass, Pass, Low Pass, Fail grades for the Third Trimester, if Catholic Academies and Parish Schools offered instruction in Music, Art, Languages other than English (LOTE), Technology, Regents Classes, etc.…

ü The level of High Pass (HP) correlates with the numerical grades of 90-100

ü The level of Pass (P) correlates with the numerical grades of 80-89

ü The level of Low Pass (LP) correlates with the numerical grades of 70-79

ü The level of Fail (F) correlates with the numerical grades of 69 and below

The yearly average (AVG) on the Student Report Card will be the average of the First Trimester and Second Trimester, while factoring in the passing or failing level for the Third Trimester, for the major Subject areas and Special Subject areas.

We are most appreciative of all the hard work and diligence of our families during these difficult times. Just as was done before COVID 19, our teachers and school leaders will continue to work diligently to ensure all students are learning and growing spiritually and academically.

Continued prayers for your health and safety. May God, Our Father, provide us with the faith, hope and love, we all need to see this through.


Thomas Chadzutko

Thomas Chadzutko, Ed.D.


I have shared with you this letter in the hopes that it will remove any anxiety the children will have about grades.  As long as all assignments were done, and a child has tried their best, the Covid 19 challenges should not take away from any child’s regular grades.

May Christ continue to watch over you and protect you.

God bless you, 

Mrs. Frances DeLuca








Financial Aid Information for Parents for 2020/2021 Year

Dear Parents/Guardians: 

I have copied for you, below, very important information regarding financial aid for next year and this school year.  Please if finances are an issue do not take away this opportunity from your child/children.  Re-register your child and apply for financial aid.  The application deadline  is now extended to July 24.  Complete the application form on  www.futuresineducation.org, click “Scholarships” and “Apply Now”

Also, send in your registration papers, and we will help make this happen for your child.  Different payment opportunities can be arranged with you in September 2020.  Families must be registered for 20/21 to be considered for an award for financial aid; data from Option C data will be used to confirm registration.

  Families who received a Teddy J. Forstmann (TJF) Scholarship from the Children’s Scholarship Fund (CSF) in the prior year have received instructions on how to re-apply from CSF. Please contact CSF directly for assistance: nyc@scholarshipfund.org

·     Returning TJF parents should not apply to both Futures/FACTS and CSF/Civicore. Siblings can be added to their TJF application. Returning TJF recipients who also have a FACTS application will receive instructions to apply through CSF and the FACTS application will be closed. 

I continue to pray for you and your dear families.  As I sit into the virtual classrooms every day, it is a pleasure to see the work of your children.  I am proud of my faculty that have been able to continue to provide our children with the knowledge they need to be successful next year.

I wish to inform the parents/guardians of our eighth-grade students that the last day of instruction set by the Diocese of Brooklyn and Queens for all Catholic Schools is Tuesday June 9, 2020.  They have set a virtual graduation date for all eighth-grade students in the Diocese for  June 12, 2020.  PLEASE REFER TO YOUR CHILD’S HOMEROOM TEACHER’S HOMEWORK PAGE FOR DETAILS.  We wish also in the future, when possible, to have a live graduation.  Details of this will follow when things can be normal.

I miss the children very much and will continue to pray with them every Monday virtually.  As always this information remains the same till June and can be found in your child/children homework page.

May God bless and protect you and your dear children.

Mrs. Frances DeLuca



2020/2021 Financial Aid Application

Deadline Extended to July 24, 2020

And Other Scholarship Updates


Dear Principals:

We would like to share information and updates regarding financial aid for the 20/21 academic year. A similar message will be sent to financial aid applicants this week so they understand the process. We hope this information alleviates some of the stress our families are facing and answers questions you have been receiving.


·     The application deadline has been extended to 7/24/20 to give families extra time to complete their 2019 taxes. 2019 taxes are required; we cannot accept 2018 or prior years’ taxes. Continue to encourage families to complete their applications as soon as possible, even with the extension to 7/24/20.

·     Additional review will be given to families whose financial situation has changed due to the pandemic. Parents can add a note on the application if they’ve been affected by the COVID-19 pandemic (there is a comments section on the FACTS application).

·     Futures will accept unemployment documents for 2020, to verify change in income due to the pandemic. Documents must be added to the FACTS application. Without documents to verify the situation, we will not be able to adjust income. Additional time may be needed to get through these changes.

·     Families must be registered for 20/21 to be considered for an award; data from Option C data will be used to confirm registration.

·     Awarding begins June 1st for income-eligible families with completed applications and will continue on a rolling basis, as funding permits.

·     One award is permitted per student; once an award is determined funds cannot be added nor can they receive a secondary award. Please help explain this to families.

·     When a family asks Futures for additional help, we will kindly let them know the above and encourage them to speak with their school administration so that you are aware of their financial situation.

·     Once funding is exhausted and we are unable to award any further applicants, denial notifications will be sent. We will alert schools when funding has been exhausted. All award information is viewable in FACTS. Denials will appear as “finalized” with $0.

General Reminders·     To apply, returning families should log into their existing FACTS accounts (except for Teddy Forstmann, see below) and new families can go to our website: www.futuresineducation.org, click “Scholarships” and “Apply Now”

·     Families must meet income eligibility requirements and be registered for 20/21 in order to be considered, they must apply every year and only completed applications will be considered. No consideration will be given for a family who has not completed the registration process. 

·     There is a non-refundable $35 application processing fee payable by credit card. Applications are available online in English and Spanish.

·     Families who received a Teddy J. Forstmann (TJF) Scholarship from the Children’s Scholarship Fund (CSF) in the prior year have received instructions on how to re-apply from CSF. Please contact CSF directly for assistance: nyc@scholarshipfund.org

·     Returning TJF parents should not apply to both Futures/FACTS and CSF/Civicore. Siblings can be added to their TJF application. Returning TJF recipients who also have a FACTS application will receive instructions to apply through CSF and the FACTS application will be closed. 


·     Families with questions or concerns about the process can contact Futures via email: Scholarships@FuturesinEducation.org.


·     Questions about status of application (complete, incomplete) should be directed to FACTS: Phone 866-315-9262 / info@factstuitionaid.com


Dear Students/ Parents/Guardians,

This is the month of May where we especially remember the Blessed Mother, our heavenly mother and our own earthly mothers, grandmothers, godmothers, foster mothers, and those who have been like mothers to us in our life.  We thank God for them every day, and on this special day, we especially tell them how much we love and thank them for their care and love.  Happy Mother’s Day.  

Although parents/guardians have always been a child’s first teacher, during this pandemic, especially, our mothers and fathers have become both parents and academic partners with their child’s teachers.  I commend both my faculty and you, my dear parents, for the commitment in ensuring that our children continue to accomplish the curriculum standards for this year.  Observing the virtual classrooms, every day, with my teachers conducting these virtual classrooms, it is with pride that I observe  your child/children continue to acquire the skills they need to be successful next year.

It was wonderful to see the many parents I met with on April 30 during the distribution of the I-Pads at our school.  If you were not able  to pick up your child’s i-pad or still need one, we will be having another distribution on Monday, May 11, at 10:00 a.m.  Please inform your teacher and come to the auditorium on Monday at 10 a.m. with mask and gloves.  

Children, this Monday May 11, during our 11:00 a.m., we will crown the Blessed Virgin Mary as we do every year.  This time it will occur virtually, but I ask you that if you have a statue of  the Blessed Mother or her picture, you can make a small crown and as I crown her with flowers you can crown your own statue at home.  As always, through your teacher’s homework page, you will find the codes for our Rosary meeting Monday.  These codes will be used till June 22, 2020.

I thank the many families who have sent in the re-registration forms.  Please submit them and mail them to our regular academy address.  If money is an issue, please try to mail whatever you can and arrangements will be made in September.  Continue to apply for the scholarships that are available through Futures In Education, as well as the emergency Covid 19 Fund which information was sent in my prior letters to you on our website.  The deadline for this emergency fund is May 15.

Please continue to mail tuition payments to our academy’s address.  All mail is being forwarded to the rectory and then to us.

I continue to miss all of you and pray that you are well.  Please continue to see this as a time you may never have again with your dear families. I pray that this is a special time to reconnect to each other as a family doing things safely at home.  Please continue to pray daily as a family.  

May our Lord bless, protect, and guide you always.

God bless you,

Mrs. DeLuca










Academy Closes For the Remainder of this school year ending June 2020

Dear Parents/Guardians and Students,

It was wonderful to see all the parents who came to pick up the iPads for their children yesterday.  I realize I miss seeing the parents as much as I miss seeing the children, and it was wonderful to speak and be together even if for a short while.  Monday or Tuesday on Currents News on the NET channel at 7 p.m., our school will have a feature of this event.

I wish to thank the many of you that have returned your re-registration.  It is even more important now that you do so as soon as possible to allow me to prepare for September for the children.  Please do not let a money hardship not allow you to re-register your child for next year.  They deserve the excellent education they receive.  Please just send $100 per child to save the seat, or if this is not possible, whatever you can with a letter of explanation,  and come September, we will make arrangements with those who can document their hardship.

Thank you, also, all the parents who continue to pay tuition.  This is a blessing that is necessary in order to continue to pay payroll expenses and utilities.  No one has been removed from our payroll.

Yesterday, Governor Cuomo announced that all elementary and high schools in the city of New York would be closed.

Although, it brings me sadness to know that so many individuals are still infected with the Covid 19 and therefore, for everyone involved, it was vital,  that for the safety of the children and personnel, it was necessary to make this decision. 

As I sit in virtual classrooms every day and will continue to be present daily, I can assure you that the zoom and google meet virtual classrooms will  continue to allow the students to meet the standards for the year.

Below I have copied the press release that has come from our Superintendent’s office:

May 1, 2020
Statement by Superintendent of Brooklyn and Queens Catholic Schools
Regarding Remainder of 2019-2020 School Year

Dr. Thomas Chadzutko, Superintendent of Schools for the Diocese of Brooklyn, which
includes all elementary Catholic academies and schools in Brooklyn and Queens, has issued the
following statement following Governor Cuomo’s school closure announcement:

“We just learned of Governor Andrew M. Cuomo’s decision that all elementary and
secondary schools shall remain closed for the duration of the current 2019-2020 school year, as
New York continues efforts to prevent the spread of Coronavirus. As such, the Catholic
academies and parish schools within the Diocese of Brooklyn, which includes Queens, will
remain closed through the end of June. The distance and digital learning platforms in place will
serve as the instructional program for our schools for the remainder of this academic year.
I am very proud of our schools and academies, who were successfully able to transition to
a distance and digital learning platform almost immediately upon our school buildings being shut
down. This would not have been possible without the hard work of our teachers and the
leadership of our dedicated principals, who rose to this enormous challenge. Our Catholic
schools and academies have continued to provide each of our students with a faith-based
academic program, ensuring that they are being challenged to learn every day. Our parents have
also contributed immeasurably to the success of this new digital learning environment.
We will be working with our principals and teachers to ensure that our milestone
celebrations (graduations, step-up ceremonies, and other achievements) will be honored and
recognized. As we have done so far during this pandemic, we will continue to assemble and
share resources for our families as we confront this challenging end to the school year.
The Coronavirus statistics indicate that both Brooklyn and Queens have been the
hardest-hit areas in New York City and State. As a Catholic school community in the epicenter
of the COVID-19 pandemic, we continue to pray for everyone’s health and safety. Our faith,
love, and hope remain central to all we do now and in the future.”

I have provided the teachers with the codes for Monday 11 a.m. prayer and these will be posted by them.  This code will continue 

to be in effect till June 28, 2020.

May our Lord continue to watch over you and bless you and your dear families.

Mrs. DeLuca







Distance Learning

Dear Students, Parents, and Guardians,

As we continue to engage you in Distance Learning, it is wonderful to see how beautifully the transition from a traditional classroom to a virtual classroom has occurred.  I feel so very proud of the you, children, as I see the interaction between students, other students, and the teacher in the virtual classroom.  Although nothing can replace the beauty of the traditional classroom environment, I was very happy to see students raising their hands and asking questions, as well as the interaction between students.  I, particularly, thank my teachers for all the extensive work they are doing to make sure the children understand well the topics being taught.  Parents, I thank you, for you truly have bought a new meaning to the phrase, “Partners in your child’s education”.

Parents, I continue to thank you for sending in your child’s/children re-registration to us.  This makes it possible to plan well for next year when ordering materials and books.  Please remember that if the Covid 19 has caused a financial challenge to your family, please submit the application for Tuition Relief Emergency Fund by May 15, on www.futuresineducation.org/covid19app.  Also, if the registration fee is a problem, just sent in $100 to secure your child’s seat and arrangements can be discussed with us later. 

As all of our academy expenses continue to be the same, I especially thank you parents that make timely payments of your child’s tuition. 

In addition, we encourage you to apply for the regular financial aid program administered by Futures in Education for the 2020-21 academic year now, by going to www.futuresineducation.org/scholarships.

Note: Returning Teddy J. Forstmann recipients should apply for regular tuition assistance for 20-21 through Children’s Scholarship Fund/Civicore. Instructions have been emailed to you. Please contact Futures in Education at 718.965.7340 or by email: Scholarships@FuturesinEducation.org if you have any questions or need assistance.

For the students’ safety, my Monday morning Zoom codes will not be posted in my letter to you on this website.  Rather I have instructed my teachers to post the codes in their homework page allowing only students and parents to have them.  I miss you, children, very much and look forward to praying with you Monday, April 27, at 11 a.m.  Find the codes in your teacher’s homework page.

Friday, May 1, 2020 starting at 10 a.m. to 4 p.m., teachers and I will be distributing ipads to parents of students in the academy.  We thank DeSales Media from the Diocese who have provided for free on-loan ipad devices for the use of the children during this time.  We pray that when the children return to the classroom, they will be permitted to use them for classroom use.  These are an invaluable asset as the teachers do differentiated instruction with the students in the classroom.  I am most grateful.  Because we are keeping to the state’s mandate for social distancing,  all appointments have been spaced 15 minutes apart plus several teachers will work with at least 10 feet away from each other.  We will be wearing masks and rubber gloves.  We recommend you do the same.  Yet, for caution, we have made appointments  spaced apart and distant enough as not to violate health safety for all involved.  The process will go very quickly, and it will not take more than a few minutes per person.

I continue to pray daily for you and your dear family.  May God continue to bless and watch over you always.

Mrs. Frances DeLuca



Divine Mercy Sunday

April 19, 2020

Dear Students/Guardians,

I pray that you have had a Blessed Easter and restful Easter break.  Tomorrow as you resume your schedules, please check with your teachers because a new schedule may have been provided for you where at least two or more times a week  on-line classroom instruction  will occur through Zoom or Google Meet.

Beginning tomorrow, April 20,  I will resume our Monday Rosary Prayer Time.  Tomorrow at 11 am, we will meet to pray through Zoom.  Below are the codes:

Meeting ID:  71996152400

Password:     060493

Parents I remind you that if you have not applied for the one-time scholarship tuition emergency fund though the information given to you in my earlier letter that you do so before May 15. 

Also, please remember to send in your re-registration forms.  If money is an issue, just send us a minimum of $100 to hold your child’s seat.  Both registration forms and tuition payments can be sent to the school, and they will be forwarded to the rectory where we can receive and record it to your child/children’s account.

I pray for all your families.  May our Lord during this Divine Mercy Sunday grant you every mercy and grace to bless you and your dear families.  

My dear children, I miss you very much and pray that soon we will be back together again.  Meanwhile, let this be a time of joy with your siblings and family members in your household.

God bless you,

Mrs. Frances DeLuca



Tuition Relief Emergency Fund – One time opportunity due May 15, 2020

April 14, 2020

Dear Families:

As we go through this crisis together, there are so many needs that continue to grow. We are continually praying for you and your loved ones so that we may heal and emerge from these difficult times. We recognize the financial burden many have experienced as the school endures its own financial struggles.

Our partner scholarship organization, Futures in Education, has established a Relief Fund to assist families affected by the COVID-19 health crisis in completing their 2019/20 tuition payments.

You are invited to complete this form ONLY if your family has been directly impacted by the COVID-19 health crisis, resulting in a reduction or loss of income, and you are seeking tuition relief for the 2019/2020 academic year. Funding is very limited, and it is critical that we are able to assist those most affected by this crisis. Please only apply if your family has been affected in a way that it will not be possible for you to complete this year’s tuition payments.

We will work with Futures in Education to assess the overall need and funding received to determine how we may best help our families. The application will be open from now through May 15, 2020 and may be found at www.futuresineducation.org/covid19app.

Please alert us directly if you need this assistance so we are aware of your situation. This is a requirement of the fund.  Also please inform your homeroom teacher, if anyone in your family has contracted the Covid 19 virus.

In addition, we encourage you to apply for the regular financial aid program administered by Futures in Education for the 2020-21 academic year now, by going to www.futuresineducation.org/scholarships.

Note: Returning Teddy J. Forstmann recipients should apply for regular tuition assistance for 20-21 through Children’s Scholarship Fund/Civicore. Instructions have been emailed to you. Please contact Futures in Education at 718.965.7340 or by email: Scholarships@FuturesinEducation.org if you have any questions or need assistance.


Mrs. Frances DeLuca


Letter from Board of Directors

My Dear Students and Families,

On behalf of Our Lady of Perpetual Help Catholic Academy, our Board had asked me to share the letter below with you.  I pray that the beginning of Holy Week and the Triduum and Resurrection of our Lord of Easter Sunday bring you and your dear families renewed faith in Christ.  Amen

Mrs. DeLuca


April 6, 2020 – Monday of Holy Week
Dear Students and Families of Our Lady of Perpetual Help Catholic Academy,
We at OLPHCA are a family that enjoys being together. Over the last few weeks, that
togetherness has looked quite different. We find ourselves connecting on-screen and online more
now than ever. However, we are still together. Mrs. DeLuca and the faculty and staff have been
working tirelessly to ensure that the excellent learning experiences central to the life of
OLPHCA continue without a hitch. Our educators are to be commended.
This is Holy Week, the most sacred week in Catholic life. Listening to the constant flow of ever-
changing bad news must be disheartening for all. However, it’s still Holy Week, a week of hope.
Jesus’ suffering and death – which He undertook willingly out of pure love – ends in the glory of
Easter morning. The sorrowful moment in history in which we are living will not last forever.
Alive is the hope of putting away the masks, reopening the doors, and gathering again. The same
Jesus who lived, died, and rose long ago was with us before this crisis. He will be with us when
it’s over. Most importantly, He’s with us now, as we live through it. Coronavirus is temporary.
Jesus is eternal. Let’s have hope in Him. Pray in the silence of your heart – He hears.
Though our church and academy doors are temporarily closed, we are united as a family in
prayer, probably more closely now than ever even though we are physically apart. Know that
you are never, ever alone. We stand on the “rock” of faith in Jesus, not on the “sand” of our
fears. Mary, Our Lady of Perpetual Help and Mother of Sorrows, prays with and for us and never
leaves us.
Our wonderful school will be open soon. God bless you. Happy Easter and thank you for being
part of our family.
In Jesus and Our Lady,
The Board of Directors of OLPHCA
Jonathan Mangar, Class of 2005, Chairperson
Frank Del Bagno, Former Faculty, Vice Chair
Richard Fogal, Secretary
John Barry, Treasurer
Linda Fogal
Tony S. Harilall
John Paglia, Board Mentor