March 4, 2021

Do: Math sheet  with Numbers to 25. Please count with your child. Color both sides of the pg.

Do: Math sheet with Numbers to 30. Let your child count out the numbers with you. Color both sides of the pg.

Teachers have a Faculty Meeting tomorrow. Dismissal will be at 12:15 p.m.

Book order due tomorrow.

March 3, 2021

Do:  Sheet called “Reading Buddies”. Color all pictures.

Do: Math sheet pg. 69 and 70.

Keep practicing Groups of 10. Let your child circle more groups than just 10. Ex. 40 needs to have 4 Circles of 10.

Friday is a Faculty  Meeting. Dismissal will be at 12:15 P.M.

Gym is tomorrow.  Please let your child wear sneakers. 

Tomorrow is Purple Day .  We  wear Purple different days during  Lent.

March 2, 2021

Do: Reading sheet pg. 141 both sides. Remember to color the pictures.

Do: Sheet called “Cheese, Please!” Color pictures. Remember to write a sentence for each word on the back of the pg. or on another paper. Practice those Sight Words on the page. 

Book Order due by Friday. 

Ask your child about Dr. Seuss Day too.

Please practice Reading daily with your child.

March 1,2021

Do: Reading sheet called “Sweets to Eat”. Remember to color the pictures. Please sign the homework.

Do: Reading sheet pg. 105 both sides. Remember to color the pictures and circle the right answers.

Book Order due by Friday.

Tomorrow is Dr. Seuss Day. The children can wear Red, Black, Blue for Dr. Seuss Day. Your child can bring his or her favorite Dr. Seuss book tomorrow.  They can practice reading their book.

Please give your child 2 #2 pencils sharped everyday. Some children need new crayons and markers.


February 25.2021

Do: Math sheet with 13-11. Don’t forget to cross out the number you are taking away in Subtraction. For 13-11 Enrich, you make up the equation.

Do:  Math sheet pg. 67 both sides. Remember to circle all groups of 10.

February 24,2021

Do: Reading sheet pg. 133. Color the pg. Circle the right answer.

Do: Math pg. both sides.

Please let your child charge their Chromebook everyday.

Please practice getting on and off the Chromebooks.


February 23, 2021

Do: Reading sheet  pg. 117 and 118. Color both sides of  the pg.

Do:  Reading sheet with letters. Remember to color the picture.

Please let your child wear something Purple for Lent tomorrow.

Please bring your child’s charger to school everyday. Please keep your child’s  Chromebook safely.

February 22, 2021

Do: Reading sheet  pg. 125 and pg.126. Remember to color the page. Remember to write the sample word first and  then write it again for practice.

Do: Sheet called “Holiday Delivery”. Remember to use pencil to write for both pages. Color the pictures.

Our 100th Day Project is due tomorrow.  Please make sure it is labeled 1-100. Make sure there is enough glue so it does not come off.

Please label the numbers in order so your child can count for the class. Practice with your child. Everyday, some children will present their project to the class.

The children have Computer homework tonight. Mrs. Mroz has asked me to remind the children about her homework.

February 11,2021

Do: Math sheet 13-8 and 13-9 both sides. Remember to color the pictures neatly.

Tomorrow is Pajama Day. They can wear boots or sneakers due to the weather.

I sent home a sheet discussing the 100th Day Project with the children. It is due Tuesday, February23,2021. The directions are in the letter.

Reregistion  is due as soon as possible to ensure a seat for first grade.

The children will have some review work over the break. The written work is due on Monday, February 22,2021.

Be safe.