November 30,2020

Do: Reading Booklet. Color all the pictures both sides. Please make a booklet and let your child read to you. 

Do: Reading pg.61 both sides color. Color all the pictures and just put the (t) next to the right answer. 

Please let your child bring in the Reading book with the Crab on it tomorrow. 

Bring back the Chromebook tomorrow with charger.

Please always remember to bring your child’s  Temperature paper everyday.

Thank you for your support.

November 24,2020

Do: Thanksgiving Sheet with Dogs. Please color everything.

Do: Sheet on Turkey. Color everything.

It is due on Monday, November 30. 

There is no school tomorrow. Thanksgiving Recess starts. Ask your child about Thanksgiving.

Be safe.

November 23,2020

Do: Sheet “Go Together”. Please help your child cut the paper. Remember to let your child color the pictures.

Do: Reading sheet pg. 57 both sides. Please let your child write in pencil to write letters.

Please Do not let your child write in their books until I assign work to them.

Please Do not change your child’s password. They are all working finally.

They can bring a small toy tomorrow in a Zip-Lock bag.

Please let your child bring in their Chromebooks and charger tomorrow.

There is no school on Wednesday. Thanksgiving Break begins. 

Thank you for all your continued support. Be safe.

































November 19,2020

Do: Math pg, called “Wrap It Up”. Color the pictures. Please help your child with cutting the numbers out.

Do:Math pg. called “Spring Sunbather”. Color all the pictures neatly. Let your child use pencil to answer the problems.

There is School tomorrow. Please let your child bring back his/her Chromebook with charger everyday.

** Please keep the Religion book at home until we come back from Thanksgiving Break.

The information about Zoom meeting for our Thanksgiving Prayer Service is on Class Do Jo yesterday.

Please remember Temperature papers daily. We all need to keep safe.

They can bring a small toy in a Zip-lock bag with their name on it.

Be well. Thank you for your continued cooperation.



November 18,2020


Dr. Thomas Chadzutko, the Superintendent of Catholic Schools for Brooklyn and Queens, has announced that all 69 schools and academies will remain open and continue to provide in-person learning, in spite of the decision made to close New York City public schools indefinitely starting tomorrow.

“I am frustrated that the Mayor’s announcement was made as Catholic schools and academies throughout Brooklyn and Queens were dismissing our students. I want to make it clear to parents, teachers, staff, and students that the Mayor’s announcement only pertains to New York City public schools, and our schools will be open tomorrow. We have worked tirelessly to ensure that our school community remains safe for everyone, and we will continue to ensure strict compliance with all health and safety protocols,” said Dr. Thomas Chadzutko, Superintendent of Catholic Schools ~ Office of Support Services.

Catholic schools in the Diocese in Brooklyn and Queens have provided safe, five days a week in-person learning since beginning this school year, as scheduled, on September 9. The Superintendent, along with the Superintendent of the Archdiocese of New York, has received confirmation from the New York City Department of Education’s Office of Non-Public Schools that they will maintain entitled services for Catholic school students, including school nurses, transportation, and food.

         Catholic Academies and Parish Schools within the Diocese of Brooklyn have successfully operated for more than two months due to the strict adherence to the important “Core Four” actions to prevent COVID-19 transmission, including maintaining physical distance, wearing a face covering, practicing healthy hand hygiene, and staying home if sick. The schools and academies of the Diocese of Brooklyn continue to work with New York State and City Department of Health officials on a regular basis to maintain the safety of all of our students, faculty, and staff.

         For a listing and more information about Catholic Schools in Brooklyn and Queens, please visit

November 18,2020

Dear Parents,

Mrs. DeLuca has just informed us that there is school tomorrow. I know that the Public School has closed. We are Open. Please bring temperature papers everyday and take your child’s temperature.  If anything changes we will let you know.

Thank you 


We are OPEN tomorrow

Dear Parents/Guardians,

Although the New York City Public Schools are closed, our Superintendent’s Diocesan Office has informed all Catholic Elementary Academies that we will be open till further notice.

We were informed that we would close only if the governor declares the complete city an orange zone or if he closes the schools.   We will be OPEN and in the next two days, we will be sending home books in case they will close us for Thanksgiving and thereafter.

We will be sending books and devices everyday till next Tuesday before Thanksgiving, allowing the children to keep certain books at home and bringing their devices back and forth.

I wish to inform you that  our nurse will be here from the city, but we have not yet been informed as to whether there will be yellow bus service or lunch. Therefore, please send, as always, a snack with your child/children and know that they may be sent home without lunch tomorrow if the city does not deliver lunches to us for the children.

Also,  we were not told whether yellow buses will be available for our children; therefore. you should make plans in the event that the yellow bus does not show up to pick up your child to come to school.

Please keep checking your teacher’s homework page, dojo, and this website in order to keep updated on all information.

May our Lord watch over you and your dear children,

Mrs. DeLuca

November 18,2020

Do: Math sheet pg.89 both sides. Pg. 90 remember to draw counters and color them.

Do: Reading sheet pg. 37 and 38. Remember to color pg.38.

The children can bring in a small toy in a Zip-lock bag for tomorrow and Friday.

Please practice counting by 2’s to 100 everyday.

Please add these Sight Words to your list: play, he, she,my, is, me, mom, dad, you.

Please let your child bring a bag on Friday to carry some books so they can keep it over the Thanksgiving Break.


November 17,2020

Do: Reading sheet page 51. Color both sides of the page. Circle the right answers.

Do: Reading sheet page 35.  For pg. 35 color all the pictures and circle the right answers. 

 There is no school on November 25, 2020. We start Thanksgiving Break.

We are still collecting can food for the poor until November 19,2020. 


November 16,2020

Do: Reading pg.45. Color both sides of the page.

Do:  “I See booklet”. Color all pictures and read the booklet to your parent.