Religion: please have students practice their to songs for the Christmas show December 19.

Math: Please make sure work for teachers 6 please make sure work 68-70 Odd only are complete

Science: Lesson 8 questions for Chapter 13 are due tomorrow.

Wed, Dec. 5, 2018

Tomorrow, Thursday, will be 12:oo noon dismissal. Report Cards will be distributed by appointment, as given.

8-2 Religion: Complete Advent Wreath, if not done in class. It must be colored, cut out, and mounted on the purple construction paper at home. Also, everyone is to bring in their advent “slogan”/ phrase that will be affixed to your advent wreath. This can be artistically drawn by hand, or can be done and printed on the computer using “word art” or similar technology. Slogans can be something like “We wait for the Lord”, “Prepare the Way”, “O Come, O Come Emanuel” or anything similar to these ideas. This was discussed in class.

7th Math: Homework: Complete Coach Workbook Lesson 2 Part 2 exercises. Also go back to #4 on Part 1 (you skipped it last night), and now complete that example. Today, we talked about interest, and the interest formula, I = prt. There is an ongoing assignment, that is, students should be working on these pages (F/A Workbook, p 211-222) as we work through all the various percent applications. Practicing these examples will allow students to become familiar with the different ways percents are used.

Monday, December 3rd – Homework


  • Thursday, December 6th is a half day – Report Card meetings
  • Friday, December 7th is a half day – First Friday
  • Any unfinished classwork must be completed for homework.
  • All homework questions must be answered in complete sentences.
  • Please bring a book to read every day. 

Religion 7-2:

  • Quiz on the Liturgical Year and Advent tomorrow 
  • Study the Religion B questions and answers

7th grade Social Studies:

Answer the following questions in complete sentences:

  • What argument did Thomas Paine present in Common Sense?
  • What was the significance of Common Sense?
  • What was the significance of the Declaration of Independence? 
  • What were the three main arguments in the Declaration of Independence?   

8th grade Social Studies:

  • Study – Chapter 19 Exam tomorrow

We are proud of our Alumni!

Many of our alumni have gone on to many successsful careers. We have many of our students who are now Doctors,Lawyers, Teachers, Writers, Clergy, Business Leaders etc. Did you know that Chris McCann the President of 1-800-flowers was a graduate of OLPH.

If you know of an former student that we can feature on the web-site please send information to the school. 

5-1 Religion Homework: November 5-8

Monday, November 5
read pages 96-97, Chapter 8, Lesson 1 Pentecost
1. What happened at Pentecost?
2. After the apostles became filled with the Holy Spirit, what did they do?
Tuesday, November 6 Unit 1 Test
read pages 98-99, Lesson 2
1. What sacraments are linked to Confirmation?
2. What are the essential signs of the Gift of the Holy Spirit?
Wednesday, November 7
read pages 100-101, Lesson 3
1. Who usually confirms those who have prepared to receive the Sacrament of Confirmation?
2. What are two important ways we are strengthened spiritually through Confirmation?
Thursday, November 8
read pages 102-103, Lesson 4
1. What do we call the individuals who are preparing for Confirmation?
2. Why is it necessary to prepare for the Sacrament of Confirmation?

Prepare for Chapter 8 test on Wednesday, November 14

Mon, 10/29/18

7th Math: Homework: Class 7-1: Coach Workbook, Complete Lesson 10 Practice 1 about solving proportions (pages  76-79); Class 7-2: Progress Workbook page 15; Preview Lesson 10 in Coach workbook (pages 76-79). A quiz is scheduled for Wed, 10/31 on the topics of unit rate, finding the better buy, and solving proportions.

8-2: Money and permission slips for Halloween Dance must be brought in by Wed, 10/31; No one will be able to buy tickets after Wednesday.

Tickets for TACHS Exam were distributed to students today. Please make sure that these are kept in a safe place. Students will not be admitted to the test on Saturday without it.