HW: Week of February 4th

* The first State test will be here in less than 3 months!

Math workbook page 112

Math workbook page 113 odd

*Math workbook page 114 odd
*Bring in 30-60 printed pictures and cut outs of goals for student’s future. Students must practice their times tablea daily. It is a challenge trying to master fractions in a timely manner. I appreciate the support.

* Science: Complete the Chapter 2 packet. Test will be next week. We are aiming for Tuesday or Wednesday. Please have your child study their definitions daily.

Thursday: Math workbook page 115
Science: Chapter 2 review #1-20

Friday: Study Study Study

Tues, 1/29/19

Wed, 1/30/19 – Bishop will be visiting our school. Every student must wear their uniform tomorrow (not gym uniform).

7th Math: Students received their graded Algebraic Expressions quiz back today. These must be signed and returned to school tomorrow. Homework tonight: F/A Workbook – pages 43 and 45, #2-10 on both pages.

8-2 Religion: Religion Bee Quiz on questions #1-200 on Thursday, 1/31.

HW: Week of January 22

Monday 1/22:
workbook pages 153-158 ODD ONLY ( part of it from last Friday) should be completed and signed.

Mission test tomorrow please review

Finish vocabulary charts for Chapter 2: lesson 6&7. All aasignments must be signed.

* Students have started to put their vision cubes together. Please send in 20 to 30 more pictures/ words that are motivating to paste onto their boards for their cube.

Thank you!!

Math HW : Week of January 7

This week we are reviewing with the COACH BOOK, Orange Progress workbook, and learning about Fractions…

FYI The Chapter 8 TEST will be on Thursday, January 17th


8-1 Write Fractions: classwork= workbook pg 95 & homework pg 96


8-3 Estimate Fractions: classwork=workbook pg 97 & homework pg 98


8-5 Write Equivalent Fractions: classwork pg 99 & homework pg 100


8-7 Fractions: Lowest Terms classwork pg101 & homework pg 102


8-9 Compare Fractions: workbook pages 103, 104

Monday: 8-11/8-12 ODD ONLY in class and CHAPTER 8 review for Test- Thursday, January 17, 2019!

Science 8

Complete and submit on Wednesday, 1/2/2019

3-D Earth model- color, cut, and assemble

worksheet p.  308 color the layers

plate tectonics- complete questions, cut, and paste

complete puzzle using word bank from plate tectonic sheets- must have across and down definitions

Have A Blessed Christmas!

Homework: Tuesday, December 18, 2018

Religion – test on Thursday

MERRY CHRISTMAS NOTICE!!  – I will be treating the class to a pizza lunch on Thursday.  We will be distributing the Christmas cards and having dessert also.  Please provide your child with a beverage.  Any child who has paid for pizza for this week, will be credited for pizza for the first week in January.

REMINDER: Friday is a 12 PM sharp dismissal.


Religion: please have students practice their to songs for the Christmas show December 19.

Math: Please make sure work for teachers 6 please make sure work 68-70 Odd only are complete

Science: Lesson 8 questions for Chapter 13 are due tomorrow.

Wed, Dec. 5, 2018

Tomorrow, Thursday, will be 12:oo noon dismissal. Report Cards will be distributed by appointment, as given.

8-2 Religion: Complete Advent Wreath, if not done in class. It must be colored, cut out, and mounted on the purple construction paper at home. Also, everyone is to bring in their advent “slogan”/ phrase that will be affixed to your advent wreath. This can be artistically drawn by hand, or can be done and printed on the computer using “word art” or similar technology. Slogans can be something like “We wait for the Lord”, “Prepare the Way”, “O Come, O Come Emanuel” or anything similar to these ideas. This was discussed in class.

7th Math: Homework: Complete Coach Workbook Lesson 2 Part 2 exercises. Also go back to #4 on Part 1 (you skipped it last night), and now complete that example. Today, we talked about interest, and the interest formula, I = prt. There is an ongoing assignment, that is, students should be working on these pages (F/A Workbook, p 211-222) as we work through all the various percent applications. Practicing these examples will allow students to become familiar with the different ways percents are used.