Thursday, February 11th: 7th and 8th grade


  • Winter recess starts Monday, February 15th ending on Friday, February 19th.  Classes resume on Monday, February 22nd.       
  • Re-registration forms have been sent out.  Please send the forms back with the contract and payment ASAP due date was 2/1. 
  • TerraNova testing postponed.
  • Lifetouch pictures postponed till Spring 2021. 
  • Bring a snack every day; water and a snack. 
  • Every student must submit a “Heath Screening” form every day.
  • Bring a reading book every day. 
  • Bring an extra mask every day.
  • Bring in headphones every day.
  • Incomplete classwork must be completed for homework

7th Social Studies:

  • Chapter 6 exam has been moved to Monday, February 22nd.
  • Trading Cards project due on Monday, February 22nd.

8th Social Studies: 

  • Chapter 22 exam has been moved to Monday, February 22nd.
  • Trading Cards project due on Monday, February 22nd.


International Day – February 9, 2021

Dear Parents/ Guardians,

Today was International Day.  Although, unfortunately, we could not have our traditional International Day, none-the-less, it was a wonderful day where the children showed us the outstanding work they did!  Many parents shared with us the excellent research our students did.

Thank you children for your hard work!  Below find some pictures taken.  I have too many too post! Everyone did an outstanding job.

God bless you,

Mrs. DeLuca


February 9,2021

Dear Parents,

The children did a wonderful job for International Day. So, they have no homework for tonight from me. However, I believe the Computer teacher gave them homework for tonight.

Just a reminder that Reregistration is due as soon as possible. 

The children can bring their favorite Stuff animal for tomorrow.  Tomorrow is Student Appreciation Day. Please send in a small Stuff animal in a bag.

Thank You and say hello to your child for me.

Be safe.

Possible Online School

Dear Parents/Guardians and students,

In the event that it snows from Sunday evening until Monday, we will be going remote for Monday.  If the snow levels are more than six inches, we will also be remote on Tuesday.

Stay well and stay safe.


Mr J Giacobba, Mrs Jones

Science 7

January 18, 2021

Protists and Fungi

Complete worksheets for classwork

Watch the video on Fungi for a quiz later

Create section outlines and complete assessments 1 and 2

Review Powerpoint Presentation on Protists and Fungi

See Google Classroom for more details


Catholic Schools Week- February 8-12

Monday, 2/8 CSW Liturgy 1:00 pm

Tuesday, 2/9 International Day- 9:00 am

Wednesday, 2/10 Students Day

Thursday, 2/11 Spirit Day- Dress Down

Friday, 2/12 Teachers Appreciation Day

January 7, 2020

Thursday, January 7th, 2021


(Orange) Sadlier Math Workbook pages 99, 100 ODD



All vocabulary with pictures for Chapter 1 are due TOMORROW

Lesson questions for Lesson 1-4 are due tomorrow signed. 



Write a summary( 5 sentences) about the Adam and Eve

 & a summary( 2nd paragraph 5 sentences) about Noah’s Ark


Friday, January 8th, 2021



Complete a multiples practice at home 3x and time yourself. Try to get under 5 minutes for times tables 2-12.



Study your Vocabulary and Review Lesson questions daily


December 9, 2020


Workbook pages 63-64 odd only ( do the check for each problem)



Start the Chapter 7 Vocabulary Chart (3 columns)




Jingle Bell Rock… Please Practice 3-4  times tonight 



Parents of OLPHCA ,

December 3, 2020

Dear Parents and Students,

It has been a wonderful first trimester.  Time has flown by and report cards will be coming next week.  We will be emailing them to you  and I will be holding conferences with you next week.  I will send you the conference times for next Friday and log in information before next Friday.  Please send in your time preferences.  The conferences will have both afternoon and evening times available.


6-8:00 PM