iPad distribution

Good morning all,

Just a gentle reminder that the remaining iPads, will be distributed today Monday May 18, 2020 between the hours of 10:00 a.m to 12:00 noon. They will be distributed to students who still need them. First come – first served.

iPad distribution.

Dear students,

Please let your parents know that we have 25 iPads to give out: Monday May 18, 2020 from 10:00 a.m. to 12 noon at the back entrance of the school.


Assignments 5-12-20

Good morning boys and girls I pray you are all well.

This morning 5-12-20 LA lesson on Zoom at 10:00 both classes. Meeting id 737-2327-7179. Password 065478

Classwork 5-12-20

LA read p 434. Do Guided Practice. Group 1 p 454 ex 1-7

Group 2 p 454 ex 8-13

Group 3 p 454 ex 14-20

Religion pray. Read p 196-197. Answer We Gather question p 196.

Reading define words wb p 191. Use each word in a sentence

Homework 5-12-20

LA text p 435 ex 6-15 and Writing Application.

Religion We Respond p 197

Reading wb p 191

Enjoy your day. Be good. Keep praying. 

Mr. G 

May 11, 2020

Do: Reading sheet with “Completing sentences using picture clues”.

Do: Reading sheet with “Matching sentences and pictures”. 

Zoom class is tomorrow morning at 11:30 a.m.

I.D.# is 89819205045

Password is 7Y8tF1

I am looking forward to seeing everyone there.

Be well and send my best to your child for me.

Letter from the Superintendent of the Brooklyn Diocese

May 1, 2020
Statement by Superintendent of Brooklyn and Queens Catholic Schools
Regarding Remainder of 2019-2020 School Year
Dr. Thomas Chadzutko, Superintendent of Schools for the Diocese of Brooklyn, which
includes all elementary Catholic academies and schools in Brooklyn and Queens, has issued the
following statement following Governor Cuomo’s school closure announcement:
“We just learned of Governor Andrew M. Cuomo’s decision that all elementary and
secondary schools shall remain closed for the duration of the current 2019-2020 school year, as
New York continues efforts to prevent the spread of Coronavirus. As such, the Catholic
academies and parish schools within the Diocese of Brooklyn, which includes Queens, will
remain closed through the end of June. The distance and digital learning platforms in place will
serve as the instructional program for our schools for the remainder of this academic year.
I am very proud of our schools and academies, who were successfully able to transition to
a distance and digital learning platform almost immediately upon our school buildings being shut
down. This would not have been possible without the hard work of our teachers and the
leadership of our dedicated principals, who rose to this enormous challenge. Our Catholic
schools and academies have continued to provide each of our students with a faith-based
academic program, ensuring that they are being challenged to learn every day. Our parents have
also contributed immeasurably to the success of this new digital learning environment.
We will be working with our principals and teachers to ensure that our milestone
celebrations (graduations, step-up ceremonies, and other achievements) will be honored and
recognized. As we have done so far during this pandemic, we will continue to assemble and
share resources for our families as we confront this challenging end to the school year.
The Coronavirus statistics indicate that both Brooklyn and Queens have been the
hardest-hit areas in New York City and State. As a Catholic school community in the epicenter
of the COVID-19 pandemic, we continue to pray for everyone’s health and safety. Our faith,
love, and hope remain central to all we do now and in the future.”

April 27,2020

Dear Parents,

 This is a reminder that our next Zoom class will be tomorrow morning.

It will be at 11:30 a.m. for 30 minutes.

The I.D. # is 89346571168

The password is 9503725631.

Looking forward to seeing everyone. Stay well.

Homework/Class work. Grade 5

Dear Parents and Students, 

I thank you for all your cooperation in getting classwork done during this difficult time.  My office hours are from 8AM to 8PM.  Any work that comes in after that will be marked late -5 per day late.

At this point I have contacted people falling behind in their work.  I thank those parents who are working with their children to keep them up to date.  This work all counts towards the third trimester.  We are working hard now in order to enjoy the summer vacation later.  Please keep viewing homework pages and Mrs. DeLuca’s sight for any new updates.  Think of all the paper we’re saving in not sending notes home!

The pandemic has changed ALL of us.  Hopefully we remember, we are stronger together, virtually, if not actually.  We also know that not even a virus can keep us apart from Our mighty Lord.  I thank all of you for joining us in prayer.  No wonder whenever Mary has a message for us she always tells us to pray, especially the rosary.  Prayer is our powerful weapon to fight any crisis in our lives.  It strengthens us and comforts us.  We thank God for keeping us safe.  
I am looking forward to seeing all of you soon.  May you have a Blessed and prayerful Easter celebration.  We have several televised outlets to view each Holy Day celebration.  View them with your family.  Cherish this wonderful gift of spending time with those who matter in your lives.  Know that when you are in prayer, I am with you in spirit.  

assignments for April 6-8, 2020




Chapter 20 Lent

read pages 232-235

1) What do we do during the season of Lent?

2) Why do we have a joyful procession on Passion (Palm )Sunday?


Continue watching Jesus of Nazareth for this week from 3:00to end this whole week.  Watch at least one hour each day.

Read pages 214-216

Do word search 216 and find the message from remaking letters.



5-1 read pages 237-241

1) What is the Easter Triduum?

2) When do we celebrate the Triduum?


Answer the questions on page 218 in full sentences.



Read and study pages 344-347, textbook

Answer page 123 in work book


solve the mathematical problems on page 124, workbook


Solve the mathematical problems on page 125, workbook.



Read, study and answer pages 196-199


read, study and answer pages 200-201


Read, study and answer pages 208-211



View video on organelles then answer the following questions:


What are five organelles of a cell and what function do each perform?

What is a prokaryote and eukaryote?


 view video on plant and animal cells.

Then, answer the following questions:

Name two or more differences between plant and animal cells.

What is photosynthesis?



view the video and answer the following questions:

What are cells 

What do cells do?

Social Studies


view video and answer the questions at the end of the video.  The video is not current so the question on who the president is is different.


View video and write a paragraph describing how a law is passed.  The video can be found on google classroom.


 View  video on the electoral college.

Answer which states benefit from this process.


NOTICE: GRADE 6 – 1 & 2

Good night students,

I trust that you are well. Mr G and I miss you all. Please be safe. The principal is going to be praying with you tomorrow morning on Zoom. Download the ZOOM Meeting app.

The Meeting ID # for tomorrow morning at 10 a.m.  is 993315607 and the Password 080001.

Do sign in at least 5 minutes before and be prepared to pray for the blessings of God on our Land.

Good night and PLEASE BE SAFE.

Mrs. Jones and Mr. Giacobba

March 25, 2020

Dear Parents,

On behalf of my family and I, would like to thank you for your condolences and prayers for the death of my father. He was a wonderful person. That is why I was off-line like I stated last week. I hope everyone is connected to ClassDojo now. I have your child’s best interest at heart. I will be working with you during this difficult time in my life and in the world. 

God Bless all of you.


Ms. Pistone

Do:Write the Rhyming Words to the sheet with “Picnic Time!” Ex. 1.grape,tape. 2. pear,bear.3.cone,bone,4. ham,jam,5. corn,thorn,6. cake,snake. Write each pair of words 3 x.

Do: Math- Draw 1-10 items and put that number next to that item. Ex. 1 car or doll. Color each item. Remember to color the items and send it on ClassDojo.