For Students – End of Week 1 of Distance Learning – March 20, 2020



Dear Students,

This is the end of week one of your Distance Learning.  I pray that this period of adjustment has not been too difficult for you.

I miss seeing each of you every day, but know that, with God’s grace, we will get through this and soon I will be able to see your beautiful faces in person.  Meanwhile spend time with each other at home and use this time to do special things at home you didn’t have time to do before.   Also, please keep up with your daily classwork and homework.

Please continue to pray as we did together every morning.  We are joined together when we pray because we are all  God’s children and He loves us very much!

We trust in God, and we especially must trust Him in times like this one when we feel helpless in changing a situation.

I pray for you and your dear families every day.  When we pray let us ask Jesus to heal and bless all who are sick and suffering.

God bless and watch over you,

Mrs. Frances DeLuca