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Classwork and homework for the week ok March 16-20, 2020

Posted on March 18, 2020

Spelling words: mild, dry, right, tie, sky, child, kind, light, find, cried, sigh, fly, high, by, hi.
MONDAY: March 16, 2020
Math (B)- complete pages 186-189
Grammar- pages 112, 113, and 114
Social studies- REREAD pages 70-71 ( we have started this lesson on class together)
Wonders- Complete pages 179-180- Read short story “Crows”- and complete page 181
Religion- Read pages 232- 233- On loose-leaf (To be handed in and collected when school resumes)- complete page 236
Journal writing- What did you do over the weekend?
Spelling- three times each
Math- complete ONE counting money worksheet in the stapled packet.

Tuesday March 17,2020
Brain pop jr website-
Username- olphq
Password- brainpop
Cut and paste links to access the videos.

1) Math(B)- complete pages 190-191
2)Grammar- pages 115-116 (verbs see/say)
3) Social Studies- read St. Patrick’s Day worksheet and answer multiple choice questions.
Watch YouTube video-

4) Wonders- pages 182-185
5) Religion- watch Lent video – write 5 facts on loose leaf about Lent.

6) Journal writing- St. Patrick’s Day focuses on luck- write about a time you felt lucky. Draw a picture to go with your writing.
7) science- Complete- Make Way for Ducklings!

Spelling- use each word in a sentence.
Wonders- page 186
Math- St. patrick’s day math addition worksheet.

Wednesday March 18, 2020
1) Math(B)- pages 192-193
2) Grammar- pages 117-118
3) Social Studies- Read and complete pages 72-76
4) Wonders- pages 187-188
5) Journal Writing- opinion writing- Write about your favorite place to visit. Why is it your favorite place?
6) Science- on Brainpop jr.
Watch video- parts of a plant:

When done- go to print notebook on orange screen and print the worksheet. Answer the questions. (If you do not have a printer then complete it on loose-leaf)
Spelling- use 7 words in a sentence and create a short story
Science scholastic- Don’t Mess with Dad

Homework for the week of April 29th.

Posted on April 29, 2019

spelling words- part, farm,park,large,march,smart,sharp,hard,start,backyard,artist,barn,yard,yarn,car,scarf,shark,star,arm,art.

Friday- May 3rd- Religion test on Easter-study notes.

Monday- May 6th- Math test on counting coins and spelling test.

Tuesday- May 7th- Science test on plants- study  notes/


Math- page 111

spelling- three times each

Grammar- page 90


spelling- ABC order

Grammar- pages 91-92


Spelling- use 7 words and create a story

Grammar- pages 93-94


No Homework- study for upcoming tests.

homework for the week of March 11th

Posted on March 12, 2019

spelling words: cook, hood,hook,look,foot,book,shook,took,good, after, buy, done, every, work, pull.


Spelling- three times each

Practice- workbook page 138

Math-  pages 132-133


Spelling- ABC order

Practice- page 139


Spelling- use six words to create a short story.

Grammar- page 86


Math – page 87-88

Phonics – page 183

Homework for the week of Jan. 21, 2019

Posted on January 22, 2019

Spelling words:

date,wave,snake,trade,safe,game,vase,plate,grave,brave,lane, gate, cage.

Tests this week:

Thursday- test on Martin Luther King- Study notes.

Thursday- International projects are due. I will not accept late assignments.

Jan. 30- spelling test on this week’s spelling words.




Spelling- three times each

Grammar- page 57

Math pages 124-125


Spelling- ABC order

Grammar- page 58

Math- page 126-127


Spelling- use six words and create  a short story.

Grammar- page 59

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