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Monday December 10th

ELA page 88

Math page 54

spelling- complete one box


Tuesday December 11th

ELA page 89

Math page 55

spelling complete one box

Science- write about an animal found in the tropical rain forest.  Draw a picture and write a trait that helps it survive in it’s habitat. 4 sentences.  On loose leaf paper.

Wednesday December 12th 

ela page 90

math page 57

spelling complete a box

social studies 13 colonies worksheet


Thursday December 13th

ela page 91

math page 60

spelling complete a box




Advent project. The project is due 12/12/18.


**It is important to check your child’s folder every night and make sure they are doing their assignments.  Many are coming into school with homework and projects not completed.  Going forward they will not get a grade for it and receive a 0.

**Also, going forward now that we are 3 months into school your if they skip a question or part of the test I will not be reminding them or giving the test back to finish.  The question(s) will be marked incorrect.

-If you haven’t sent in money for the family/child we are adopting for Christmas please do so. 

-It is important your child does not use mechanical pens in class.  Please they break all day long and the child are then looking for another pencil and fall behind. 




Homework Friday, June 22nd

Posted on June 22, 2018
  1. Students received a packet containing information on the date and first day of school in September.
  2. Monday we will be celebrating our farewell from 2nd Please bring in refreshments, cupcakes, chips.
  3. Monday is noon dismissal. There is no afterschool or breakfast.
  4. Report cards will be distributed on Monday along with 3rd grade packets.
  5. Tuesday bring in your favorite game to school and DVID. 10:30 dismissal.
  6. Bring in on Monday on index card your child’s weight and height.

Homework -Thursday June 21st

Posted on June 21, 2018
  • Please provide me for tomorrow your child’s height and weight.
  • On Monday, the children will be dismissed on Monday at 12 noon. There will be no after school, or breakfast program provided on that day.  Reports cards will be given out on Monday. WE will be celebrating the last two days of school. children. Please bring in refreshments cupcakes, chips (potato chips, cheese chips or whatever chips your child would like to bring).
  • Tuesday, the children will be dismissed at 10:30. There is NO after school available that day. The children will celebrate their last day at school.  Bring in your favorite game to school. or dvd of your favorite movie.

Homework Wednesday, June 20

Posted on June 20, 2018
  1. Math – finish at least math workbook
  2. ELA – at least 3 pages every night. To finish Your turn workbook.
  3. Tuesday, report card day. We will also have a class party. Bring in your favorite game. It will also be the day to bring in cupcakes , soda and chips. There is NO afterschool on Tuesday.
  4. There is No  pizza day tomorrow.

Homework Tuesday, June 12th

Posted on June 12, 2018
  1. Science – Finish Think and Write questions
  2. Math – Finish – all questions on pg. 184
  3. Religion – Finish your summary of part 1 & 2 on “Song of Bernadette” part 3 tomorrow.
  4. Bring in tomorrow a newspaper and a small empty can. Also liquid glue.
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