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Welcome to Mrs. Medina’s 3-1 class page!

Happy Valentines Day!

Friendly reminders:

ELA phonics packet due upon return Monday, Feb. 24th

Math multiplication table sheets done in class today. Practice your times tables, especially the tables you still maybe weak on.

Math multiplication quiz on all the times table on Feb. 24th.

I would like the best birthday wishes to my February and January students.

Enjoy your winter break!!!!!



Homework Monday, May 11

Posted on May 11, 2020

Good Morning boys and girls! I hope you all had a wonderful weekend!

Today join Mrs. Deluca for Monday Rosary prayer and virtual May crowning of Mary at 11:00, information has been posted on your stream.

Religion – Read pages 283 -294 Answer the following questions and turn in google classroom.

  1. Why is Mary known and referred to as the Greatest of all Saints?
  2. Describe the differences between what is “The Assumption of Mary” and what is referred to “The Immaculate Conception”? 
  3. What does the word saint mean?
  4. Who are saints?
  5. What does the communion of saints mean?
  6. In what way does the church honor Mary?
  7. Color your stain glass of Mary and place a crown over her head. Cut your picture once completed and hang it on your window. What do you see when the sunlight shines through it? 

Social Studies read pages 193 – 199

Answer the following questions and submit in your google classroom.

  1. What is manufacturing?
  2. What are factories?
  3. What is an assembly line?
  4. How would I lives be different if Henry Ford did not invent the Mobile T car? Write an expository paragraph, provide detail explanation. View below you tube presentation on Henry Ford and the Model T cars.

Have a great day, and God Bless you all. 

Homework Monday, May 4th

Posted on May 4, 2020

Good Morning boys and girls!

I hope all of you enjoyed the lovely weekend and are ready for another week of remote learning. There is a message from Mrs. Deluca on our OLPHCA class page for all of you. Below are the assignments for today.


Use your strategies and apply the skills you learned.

Math textbook hardcover page 214 and 215 (Homework).

Classwork: softcover pg. 184 #1-8


Classwork read pages 182 – 189 provide definitions of highlighted works. 

Homework: Answer question reading check question on page 187 and page 188


Refer to Social studies book pages 182 – 189.  Create a story about what it might be like to live and work on a farm. Provide details and illustration of your story. 

Have a blessed day! Look 



Homework – Tuesday April 28

Posted on April 27, 2020

Social Studies Classwork

Yesterday you read pages 170 – 177 in your Social Studies textbook. Today you will view the attached video on your google classroom and answer the following questions:
What was Barry’s problem?
What is a Budget?
How was Mrs. Cash helpful? What did Barry, Fran and Suzie learn?
Why is planning and saving important?
What does S M A R T mean and why is it useful?
What was the cause and effect of the story?
Conclusion How did Barry solve his problem provide details.

Social Studies Homework 

You designed a new business advertisement last week and you viewed Social Studies you tube on today’s classwork (re-attached). Now you will create your own budget of the expenses of the cost you will incur? How would you obtain the income to open your business? How much would you need to spend? How can your plan help spend and save money?
Summarize at the end of your questions what you learned about budget and what can you be able accomplish? Turn in


Study for Wednesday’s math quiz equivalent fractions and mixed fractions


Study for ELA Quiz for Wednesday on verbs (past, present, future tense verbs) and Irregular verbs (have, has, had) 





Homework Monday, April 27

Posted on

I hope you all had a good weekend below is the homework to be submitted.


Compare the following fractions.  1/4 ___  3/4 ,  1/5 ____ 3/5, 7/8 ____6/8, 2/7 ____ 5/7

Show your work. Write a summary what did you Learn about today’s lesson. What can you do? I can……………………….

View attached youtube video Strategies for Comparing Fractions 3rd Grade, pause video to allow time to write problems  and solve.

Quiz Wednesday on equivalent fractions and comparing fractions


Classwork: Reading/writing vocabulary workshop book. Reading page 38 answer questions 1-10

Homework:  Answer the following questions:

  1. Who was Nellie Bly?
  2. Think of a time when you faced a challenge and overcame it. Write about it. Include details about that challenge.
  3. What made it challenging and who helped you?
  4. How did it feel to over it?
  5. Write what important things that you want to remember about the story. Put a small question mark beside any word you do not know and cannot pronounce. Then find write their meanings.
  1. Write a 3 – 4 paragraph summary of the story. Include your characters, plot, setting and conclusion


Create a table of 4 columns write the following words from the story.

  1. In the first column write the words (struggle, talent, observe, pretend, report)
  2. In second column write past tense verbs past tense
  3. In the third column write the meaning of the words
  4. In the last column write a sentence for the word

Grammar workshop Green page 140 – 141 levels A,B

Summary: Describe what you learned on negative words, include I can in your statement. I can………………………………

Quiz on Wednesday on verbs, past, present, future and irregular verbs (have, has, had).


Classwork: Read pages 170 – 177 define what are the highlighted words

Homework: Answer questions on page 175 numbers: 1, 2, 5 and WRITE

Announce quiz on Google Classroom on Thursday, Chapter 5 lesson 1


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