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Homework – Friday, Feb. 15

Posted on February 15, 2019
  1. Return Phonics and Math packets by Tuesday, Feb. 26
  2. Science test on Tuesday, Feb. 26 on Skeletal System Pg. R20
  3. Social Studies Test on Wednesday, Feb. 27th Jamestown starts on pg. 84
  4. Winter Break begins on Monday, Feb. 18th. Classes resume on Monday, Feb. 25th

Any unfinished class work becomes automatic homework

homework – Thursday, Feb. 14

Posted on February 14, 2019

Math: soft cover book pg. 167

Spelling test List #14 Tic-Tac-toe

ELA write a summary of one African American who made a significant effect in history.   (In celebration of Black history month).

Black history month is an annual celebration when we acknowledge the achievements of African-Americans (men and women).

Name at least 3 African Americans that influenced our history

How did they influence others and changed history?

Packets were distributed today, it is due on Feb. 26.

Winter recess begins on Monday. Classes resume on Feb. 25th.



Homework – Wednesday, Feb. 13th

Posted on February 13, 2019
  1. Tomorrow we will be celebrating Valentine’s Day.   Please remember to bring in your hearts. Soft drinks and cupcakes.
  2. Tomorrow is paid dress down day.
  3. Math study for tomorrow assessment on division.
  4. Science trace the picture of the heart or print out a picture of the heart name the parts of the heart found on pg. R25

Read pg. R.25 – pg. 26 as discussed in class summarize what is the heart? And what is its purpose. What does the chambers in our heart help do?

Science test on the skeletal system upon our return on Feb. 25th from winter brake.

  1. Math packet and phonic packets will be distributed tomorrow to be returned on Tuesday, Feb. 26th
  2. Spelling write a sentence for spelling words 11-21. Underline in your sentence the verb and the subject.
  3. Spelling test on Friday, List #14
  4. Social studies test tomorrow on James Town starts on pg, 84
  5. We are all out of copy paper can you please send in one pack. Thank you.
  6. Please bring in a picture of animals we are creating our food web and science
  7. Bring in a pack of copy paper.

homework – Tuesday, Feb. 12

Posted on February 12, 2019
  1. Math pg. 373 hard cover
  2. ELA hard cover pg. 407
  3. Spelling list #14 write sentences for first 10 words
  4. On Thursday, Math assessment tomorrow multiplication and divsion
  5. Religion bee tomorrow.
  6. Spelling test on Friday.
  7. Paid dress down on Thursday, Valentines day wear something red if you like.
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