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Welcome to Ms. Madaio’s 4-1 class page!

Welcome to the 4th Grade. I look forward to this wonderful and exciting year!!

All homework and tests will be posted here as well as in the student’s notebooks. Please only do the assigned pages and sign all homework.

**Please do not double park around the school when dropping off or picking up students. Cars are being ticketed!!**

Upcoming tests:

Finals: Ela, Religion May 29

             Math May 31

             Social Studies June 4

               Science June 5

Homework for the week of 5/20/19:

***Homework for the next two weeks is to study for the finals***

Monday 5/20/19

  1. ELA:
  2. SS: 

Tuesday 5/21/19: Move trip, students are to wear their gym uniforms, chaperones please be at school by 9:00.

1. Grammar:

2. SS:

3. Read and study nightly.

Wednesday 5/22/19: 

  1. ELA: 
  2. SS: study
  3.  Study all notes

Thursday 5/23/19:

  1. ELA:
  2. SS: study

Friday 5/24/19:

  1. Study for all upcoming tests

Enjoy your weekend!




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