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HW: Week of February 4th

Posted on February 6, 2019

* The first State test will be here in less than 3 months!

Math workbook page 112

Math workbook page 113 odd

*Math workbook page 114 odd
*Bring in 30-60 printed pictures and cut outs of goals for student’s future. Students must practice their times tablea daily. It is a challenge trying to master fractions in a timely manner. I appreciate the support.

* Science: Complete the Chapter 2 packet. Test will be next week. We are aiming for Tuesday or Wednesday. Please have your child study their definitions daily.

Thursday: Math workbook page 115
Science: Chapter 2 review #1-20

Friday: Study Study Study

HW: Week of January 22

Posted on January 22, 2019

Monday 1/22:
workbook pages 153-158 ODD ONLY ( part of it from last Friday) should be completed and signed.

Mission test tomorrow please review

Finish vocabulary charts for Chapter 2: lesson 6&7. All aasignments must be signed.

* Students have started to put their vision cubes together. Please send in 20 to 30 more pictures/ words that are motivating to paste onto their boards for their cube.

Thank you!!

Religion: HW: Week of January 7th

Posted on January 6, 2019

Please click the link and print in the puzzle piece:

Math HW : Week of January 7

Posted on

This week we are reviewing with the COACH BOOK, Orange Progress workbook, and learning about Fractions…

FYI The Chapter 8 TEST will be on Thursday, January 17th


8-1 Write Fractions: classwork= workbook pg 95 & homework pg 96


8-3 Estimate Fractions: classwork=workbook pg 97 & homework pg 98


8-5 Write Equivalent Fractions: classwork pg 99 & homework pg 100


8-7 Fractions: Lowest Terms classwork pg101 & homework pg 102


8-9 Compare Fractions: workbook pages 103, 104

Monday: 8-11/8-12 ODD ONLY in class and CHAPTER 8 review for Test- Thursday, January 17, 2019!

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