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Grade five homework for February 10-14

Posted on February 9, 2020

5-1 Religion

Monday- read pages 200-201

Tuesday- read pages 202-203

Wednesday- answer pages 204, 205, 206

Thursday- Chapter 17 review

Friday- Chapter 17 test

5-1 /5-2 Math

Monday- answer page 83

Tuesday- answer page  84

Wednesday- answer page 85

Thursday- answer page 86

Friday- answer page 87

Science 5-1/5-2

Monday – Look up definitions for Vocabulary list in end chapter review ch 15

Tuesday- Do workbook pages from  page 348-353

Wednesday- Do workbook page 354-358

Thursday- Do workbook pages to page 360

Social Studies 5-1/5-2

Monday- bring in research for debate

Tuesday- write the definitions of vocabulary from end of chapter review ch 8


Reading book report due on February 25

Reading log due on February 27

Study Spelling words- test February 28

Dear Parents and Students,

You all know the value of reading.  It gets us to go places, share ideas and have adventures we might never actually know otherwise.  It helps us learn new things and see other points of view.  Mrs. Guerrero and myself encourage all of our students to join us in the Read-a-thon.  It is a great way to increase our reading comprehension, while at the same time, helping our school.  It is not too late to get sponsors and get involved.  The students can read one book or more and help our school stay strong.  They are required to read for book reports, so they won’t be asked to do more, though many do read more than one book. Together, we all can achieve these goals.  We look forward to your participation.  Thank you, Mrs. Guerrero and Mrs. Smolenski


Homework for February 3-7. Grade 5

Posted on February 2, 2020

Feb.3-7, 2020

Religion 5-1

Monday- Review chapter 16

Tuesday- Test Chapter 16

Wednesday- read pages 196-197

Thursday- read pages 198-199

Friday- First Friday Mass

5-1 and 5-2 Math

Monday- answer page 76-77

Tuesday-answer pages 78-79

Wednesday- Review for test

Thursday- answer pages 232-234

Friday- test on Division of Fractions

Science- workbook completed to page 347

Wednesday-Lab report

Thursday- study for test Chapter 14.

Friday- test on Ch 14

Social Studies

Monday bring in debate research to discuss with group 5-2

5-1 bring ideas for debate.

Tuesday-Study Chapter 7

Wednesday- test chapter 7


January 31, 2020

Posted on January 31, 2020

I wish to thank all our parents who shared their expertise with us.  Our Career Day was truly inspirational and informative.  I wish to thank the fifth grade parents who participated.  Thank you Mr. Singh, First Sergeant Croal and Officer Owens, each of you provided unique insights into the important work you do that benefit all of us.  A special thank you to Mr. Owens.  You put us in the horror, personal danger and humanity that every police officer faces.  Mr. Singh, I feel better knowing that someone like you is looking after our food supply.  Mr. Croal, thank you to your dedication and service to our country.  From each of you, we learned the importance of diligence and discipline.  Thank you again for sharing with us.  It truly made our day extraordinary.

Homework grade five January 27-31

Posted on January 28, 2020

Many thanks for all the contributions for our International Day celebration.  We hope our visitors had a fun experience.  I know that the children enjoyed themselves immensely, as did Mrs. Guerrero and myself.  Thanks again for helping to make our day delightful.  Catholic Schools Week will continue with our informative Career Day on Friday.  Thanks in advance to all those who will be sharing their knowledge and expertise to our discussions and presentations on that day.  

5-1 Religion

Monday – read pages 184- 185

Tuesday- read pages 186-187

Wednesday- read pages 188-189

Thursday- read pages 190-191

Friday- Answer pages 192-193

Math 5-1 and 5-2

Division of Fractions

Monday-answer page 70-71

Tuesday- answer page 72

Wednesday- answer page 73

Thursday-answer page 74

Friday- answer page 75

Practice writing numbers 4 , 5, 8, 9


Complete workbook to 347 by Friday

Expect a test by Friday

Social Studies

Famous American report due February 3.  Follow rubric given for all other reports.  Be sure to include two informational sources and an outline.

Religion 5-2

Bring in a Bible for this week.  We will be creating a liturgy within groups in our class.


Again thanks for your cooperation and presence during this fun week.

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