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Posted on June 21, 2022

Dear Parents,

We will be dismissing at 12:30pm for the remainder of the year.  Report cards will be given on Thursday.  We will also have any parties on Thursday.

We wish you all a blessed summer.

Security of our school

Posted on May 25, 2022

Dear Parents,

Many of you have, I am sure, heard about the Texas school shooter.  It is a tragedy that strikes at the heart of any parent, teacher, administrator or anyone who loves children.  We would like to reiterate the security practices we have in our school.  

As many of you are aware, no adult who is not officially signed in and expected in our school is ever allowed in without official notification with our security guard.  Our doors are locked and alarmed in the back and sides.  Our front door is bullet proof and secure.  We also have an emergency door locking system in place on each first floor doors.

We request that the parents drop their child off and be aware they will not be permitted to enter the building unless permitted from the office.   We care about the safety of each child.  Also, please wait outside the school premise gates at pick up.  

The children’s safety is our top priority.  Lock down procedures are also reviewed and practiced in each class.  We take the trust you have in us as a serious commitment.  
Thank you to all who work so diligently to help us in our endeavors.

Re registration

Posted on May 2, 2022

Dear Parents,

As you know, it is registration time.  Please send in your registration as soon as possible. We are receiving registrations from new applicants.  However, in order to plan properly for next year decisions need to be made based on expected registration.  We want to also be sure to have available space for your child for next year.  Please send the forms in before May 30.

Have a great night.

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