8th grade World War II Study Topics – Exam on Monday, April 29th

Posted on April 17, 2019
  1. atomic bomb              
  2. Tuskegee Airmen
  3. Horrors of the Holocaust                                           
  4. War Production Board
  5. genocide                                                                   
  6. Battle of the Bulge                                                                                                        
  7. island hopping
  8. Axis Powers
  9. Allied Powers
  10. Battle of the Bulge
  11. Battle of Leyte Gulf                                                          
  12. Harry S. Truman
  13. Franklin D. Roosevelt
  14. Dwight Eisenhower
  15. Battle of Midway
  16. kamikaze
  17. D-Day Invasion
  18. Japanese American Internment
  19. Philip Randolph
  20. Adolph Hitler
  21. Battle of El Alamein
  22. Battle of Stalingrad
  23. totalitarian
  24. The final solution
  25. Pearl Harbor
  26. Lend-Lease Act
  27. Bataan March
  28. Causes and Effects of World War II
  29. Americans support the War
  30. Final Battles – Iwo Jima and Okinawa
  31. Guadalcanal Island
  32. V-E Day

Science 7

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Create a Digital Activity Book in Google Classroom. All templates are provided. Choose only five activities and delete those that you don’t need. Cover and checklist must NOT be deleted. Topics or lessons must be from chapter 11 only. Directions on how to create each activity are also provided for you! Good Luck and happy creating!

Have a great Easter!

Wednesday, April 17th Homework

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Wishing everyone a Blessed Holy Week and a Joyous Easter!


  • Tomorrow starts Easter recess, classes resume Monday, April 29th.  
  • Students must be dressed in full school uniform, see student handbook for details.
  • Unfinished classwork must be completed for homework. 
  • Bring a book to read every day.  

7th grade: 

  • Current Events due Monday, April 29th.

8th grade:

  • Current Events due Monday, April 29th.
  • Chapter 26 World War II exam on Monday, April 29th.   

Science 7

Posted on April 16, 2019

Complete section 5 Key terms and outline

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