Science 8

Posted on April 6, 2020


Read Section 5 Target Reading Skills p. 330

As you read, compare and contrast early earth with earth later in Precambrian Time by completing a table.

Create your outline of section 5 and  submit with Precambrian Table.


Digital Activity Book Project- google classroom

Choose a topic covered in class and create an activity page.

Remember to use different topics for each of the 5 activities

Follow all guidelines/directions provided for you

This will be your work for the week. Have Fun!


Religion 8B

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4/6/2020 Easter

Read and complete Activity p. 293

List some of the ways that water is an essential part of things that you do each day.

(submit at least 2 paragraphs of 10 sentences each)


Read and complete Activity p. 294

If you and your group were going to make a display for your parish titled “ Our Easter Began in the Waters at Baptism,” what would it consist of? How might the display help the members of your parish?

(submit 2 paragraphs of 10 sentences each paragraph)


Read and complete Activity p. 295

share the joy of Easter by writing an Alleluia Song.  Use a melody familiar to you. Write verses about Easter and Christ’s Resurrection, and use the word Alleluia as the main verse that repeats throughout your song. Submit.



Science 8

Posted on March 20, 2020

Answer Text p 307 completely (1-6)

#6 must be explained fully

Religion 8B

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Answer Study Guide google docs and submit

see google classroom

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