Fri, 12/14/18

Posted on December 14, 2018

7th Math Homework: F/A Workbook page 22, complete chart (#19-22), and the two word problems, #23 and #24. You will need to show all your work on loose-leaf, which should be with your workbook page.

8-2: Secret Santa gifts will be distributed on Fri, 12/22. Everyone in class will be participating in the acts of kindness and notes of encouragement part of the activity, even if they chose not to  participate in the gift giving part.

8-2 Religion: Please bring in a picture of St. Joseph printed off the internet. You will be making a St. Joseph prayer card using an index card, so this picture must be able to fit on the index card.

Thurs, Dec 13, 2018

Posted on December 13, 2018

7th Math: Homework: Khan Academy website, 4 assignments given which are due tomorrow. Please check the site and log in using sign-in information given.

Science 8

Posted on December 12, 2018

Complete Sedimentary and Metamorphic Worksheet- Remember  complete it neatly, completely, accurately, legibly, and creatively.

Wed, 12/12/18

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7th Math: Students took a quiz today on all topics of percents and percent applications. Homework tonight: Progress Workbook, page 62, #1-7 (can skip #4); page 63, #1-6 (can skip #5); page 64, all; page 65, #12.

Reminder to 8-2 students who did not bring back the permission slips for participation in class Secret Santa…tomorrow is the absolute deadline for you to be in it. We will draw names tomorrow to see who is whose Secret Santa.

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