Wed, 4/17/19

Posted on April 17, 2019

Easter Break is here! Hope you have a wonderful week + off! There is still work that needs to be completed during this time:

7th Math: Progress Monitor Benchmark Assessment Test 2: directions were discussed in class this week; a copy of the instructions and Book A answer sheet were given to each student. These documents have also been posted on Google Classroom and here on the school website. Assignment is due on Mon, 4/29. It will count as a test grade.

8-2 Religion: Stations of the Cross booklets (worked on for several days in class) now needs to be completed, colored, arranged in booklet form. This is due on Monday, 4/29.

Enjoy and be safe!

Science 8

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Work on your Digital Activity Book over the break. Follow directions for each activity. Delete those templates that you don’t need. Cover and checklist must be included in your digital book Remember to use chapter 9 topics/lessons (Erosion and Deposition)

Have fun creating! Happy Easter!

Science 8

Posted on April 16, 2019

Complete section 3 Key Terms and outline
Text p. 286

Tuesday, April 16, 2019

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Tomorrow, Wed, 4/17 – dismissal at 1:00 PM (directly after lunch)

7th Math: No additional written homework assigned today. Due tomorrow, Wed, 4/17 (assigned yesterday) – Khan Academy Rates and Proportional Relationships Unit Test.

Easter Break Assignment (in Progress Monitor Test book) By today, everyone should have received a copy of the directions and the Book A answer sheet. The due date for this is Monday, 4/29.  These instructions and the work sheet is also on the OLPHCA homework board, as well as on Google Classroom.

8-2 Religion: Due tomorrow, Wed, 4/17  – “Passion of the Christ” writing assignment with rubric attached.

Continue to work on the Stations of the Cross booklets at home. The “stations” acrostic poems are due tomorrow.

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