Science 7

Posted on February 15, 2019

Work on Volcano project
Due Monday, 2/25
Volcano model- extra credit
Section 1-4 outlines and assessments due Tuesday, 2/26
Review workbook chapter 9 Earth Surface Test on Wednesday, 2/27

Friday, Feb 15, 2019

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7th Math: Homework (to be done over the break): Khan Academy assignments; Quiz #2 (Expressions, equations, and inequalities domain); grade earned will be entered  into gradebook as a quiz grade for this trimester. Note: these assignments can be done over and over to attain better grades (hints are also provided many times to help students along), so students have ample time this week to make sure that they have worked on these assignments diligently. There is no reason that every student not receive a 100% on the quiz and complete every assignment on Khan Academy.

In addition to the quiz, students will watch several videos in Khan Academy (they are assigned) on inequalities, and then complete exercise sets on those concepts that were done in 6th grade. Upon returning from the break, we will begin the 7th grade components of inequalities. Two videos with 7th grade topics are also assigned for students to preview.

Students were each given an “entrance slip” with questions related to inequalities. This slip must be completed (answered) and returned to class on Monday, 2/25.

Students should also work through the remainder of the packet with the NYS test questions (all except those questions about inequalities). We will go over these questions during the week after the break.

Hope you all enjoy the break! See you Mon, 2/25.




Science 8

Posted on February 14, 2019

Work on Volcano Project- Due 2/25
Complete section 1 outline
Read and answer workbook p 268-271
Volcano Model- (extra credit)directions provided

Thurs, Feb 14, 2019

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7th Math: Algebraic Equations Tests were returned today to most of the 7th grade. There were some who still need to complete either part one or two, and there are others with whom I need to meet with to discuss their work; therefore some of the students did not receive them back. Students (those who got their tests back) were told that they should have tests signed and do corrections for the problems that they got wrong for possible additional credit.

Homework: Continue to work on state test questions packet. Assignments for the winter break will be on Khan Academy. The assignments will be on the website by tomorrow, the latest.

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