Grade five Social Studies and Science

Dear Parents,

As we all are aware of, this shutdown has gone on far longer than we anticipated.  I miss being with your children and can honestly say, school is more fun when we are all together.  I don’t miss sitting in traffic, but I do miss the children.  Your children have been a source of great joy for me.  So being without them is not pleasant.

I know they miss being with us, too.  They miss the friends, the lessons and seeing the challenges that await.  I also know this has been a scary time for all of us.  We worry about our health and that of loved ones.  We worry about work and jobs and realize the government cannot provide a constant cushion.  We all need to get back to a normal routine.

However, we also learned that our families are our constant source of belonging and comfort.  So as we work on ending this school year, let us realize we are all responsible to make this a truly growing, learning and loving period.  We will get through this.  .

If you are experiencing unusual problems, please let me know how I can help.  Shoving things under the carpet just builds a mound of problems.  However, when we work on resolving the problems, we have a cleaner life.  I promise I will help if I can.  I might help find a way for you to get help.  Either way, I will be more understanding if I know there is a problem.

email me.  I know you realize I will answer you to the best of my knowledge and ability.