Homework – Friday

Create a book report answering the following questions. Due on Monday. 

  1. What was your favorite part of the movies and why?
  2. What adaptations did the penguins need to adjust to?
  1. What dangers do penguins face?
  1. What dangers to infants face?
  1. What adaptation do baby penguins need to adjust to?
  1. What types of predators must penguins be careful of and why?
  2. How might penguins survive from attacks of leopard seals?
  3. What type of species are penguins of? Why are they not able to fly ?

ELA – Study for spelling test on Monday, List #21

Science assessment on Minerals on Wednesday, May 22nd

Religion test on Tuesday, on Chapter 15 (Sacraments)

Have a blessed weekend.