HW for Thursday, 1/6


  • School will be remote tomorrow. Have your child logged on by 8:00 a.m and click the Zoom link posted on Google classroom. The students are to wear their uniforms and their camera must be on the whole time during class.
  • Health screening forms are required to be filled out and signed every day in order to enter the classroom.
  • Bring a bottle of water every day.
  • Bring a reading book every day.
  • Bring extra facial mask every day.

7-1 Religion: 

  • Finish unfinished classwork.
  • Chapter 5 Test Wednesday.

7th Grade Math:

  • Percents Test Tuesday.

8th Grade Math:

  • Complete the “Systems of Equations by Graphing” WS #’s 1-4 posted on Google Classroom.