Important message from the Diocese: PLEASE READ

Dear Families,
As remote learning becomes part of the fabric of our current reality, it is important to
create structures and expectations, which help all involved succeed and stay healthy and
sane. To that end, as we come to the close of the 3rd week of providing teaching and
student learning experiences from our homes, it is important to establish schedules, but
also allow for the schedule to change…
The expectations of students, and the demands of the educational community are changing
radically during this COVID-19 crisis; necessarily, the role of the teacher is changing as
well.  It is important as we continue with distance learning that faculty have the
opportunity to participate in professional learning workshops, seminars and planning
Effective Friday, April 3, 2020, a proposal has been developed to make some shifts in the
instructional week. Moving forward, students will continue to complete all assigned work
tasks, projects and activities.

Teachers will have the opportunity on Fridays for:

Student Assessment:

 to be able to maintain and review student work/videos/photos

uploaded to the Google Classroom and provide

feedback in writing or by video.

Parent Outreach:           

 to be able to contact and communicate with

families the academic progress of their child(ren).


 to have a designated time to devote to planning

lessons and learning activities, and to be able to

 collaborate with colleagues remotely using technology

tools (such as: Zoom, Microsoft Teams conference, Google Classroom).


Development:  to be able to receive further professional development. 

Please note that this new model being implemented allows for students to use
Friday’s as a time for some students to “catch-up” on previously assigned tasks,
activities and projects, and others to work on enrichment activities. Friday’s are not
to be seen as a day off. The expectation is for students to continue their studies.
Student attendance will continue to be taken on Friday’s.

We continue to thank you for being partners with us during these difficult times and wish
God’s continued blessing over you and your loved ones.

(Brooklyn/Queens Diocese)