Letter from Board of Directors

My Dear Students and Families,

On behalf of Our Lady of Perpetual Help Catholic Academy, our Board had asked me to share the letter below with you.  I pray that the beginning of Holy Week and the Triduum and Resurrection of our Lord of Easter Sunday bring you and your dear families renewed faith in Christ.  Amen

Mrs. DeLuca


April 6, 2020 – Monday of Holy Week
Dear Students and Families of Our Lady of Perpetual Help Catholic Academy,
We at OLPHCA are a family that enjoys being together. Over the last few weeks, that
togetherness has looked quite different. We find ourselves connecting on-screen and online more
now than ever. However, we are still together. Mrs. DeLuca and the faculty and staff have been
working tirelessly to ensure that the excellent learning experiences central to the life of
OLPHCA continue without a hitch. Our educators are to be commended.
This is Holy Week, the most sacred week in Catholic life. Listening to the constant flow of ever-
changing bad news must be disheartening for all. However, it’s still Holy Week, a week of hope.
Jesus’ suffering and death – which He undertook willingly out of pure love – ends in the glory of
Easter morning. The sorrowful moment in history in which we are living will not last forever.
Alive is the hope of putting away the masks, reopening the doors, and gathering again. The same
Jesus who lived, died, and rose long ago was with us before this crisis. He will be with us when
it’s over. Most importantly, He’s with us now, as we live through it. Coronavirus is temporary.
Jesus is eternal. Let’s have hope in Him. Pray in the silence of your heart – He hears.
Though our church and academy doors are temporarily closed, we are united as a family in
prayer, probably more closely now than ever even though we are physically apart. Know that
you are never, ever alone. We stand on the “rock” of faith in Jesus, not on the “sand” of our
fears. Mary, Our Lady of Perpetual Help and Mother of Sorrows, prays with and for us and never
leaves us.
Our wonderful school will be open soon. God bless you. Happy Easter and thank you for being
part of our family.
In Jesus and Our Lady,
The Board of Directors of OLPHCA
Jonathan Mangar, Class of 2005, Chairperson
Frank Del Bagno, Former Faculty, Vice Chair
Richard Fogal, Secretary
John Barry, Treasurer
Linda Fogal
Tony S. Harilall
John Paglia, Board Mentor