Letter to the Graduates of 2020 – Graduation June 12, 2020

Dear Graduates,
Congratulations!  You have reached a very important milestone in your life.  I am filled with pride for the faith-filled, wonderful, intelligent young men and women that you’ve become!  As you graduate from our academy to attend various high schools, I am confident that you have been prepared well spiritually, academically, and socially at Our Lady of Perpetual Help Catholic Academy.  Together, faculty and parents, we have worked hard to help you acquire the skills you will need to be successful the rest of your life. 
The world, unfortunately, in this year of 2020, has thrown us a major challenge, not just to you, my dear graduates, but to the world!  Yet, in the midst of this major pandemic, my very dear children, you have adapted well and continued to persevere with your studies.  As graduates of our academy, you have already felt and learned the values of God’s Commandments of love and service to each other.  Through trust in, and knowledge of Jesus Christ, you have been given the courage to be a person of faith, perseverance, goodness, character, and integrity.  You have been blessed to be in an academy of wonderful diversity, in background, ethnicity, and religion; and my dear graduates, you have learned how every person has received gifts unique to that person for the betterment of the world.
This year of our lives, I am sure, will be recorded in history, my dear graduates.  I pray that each of you will make history by the special purpose our Lord has chosen just for you to accomplish on this earth!  The talents our Lord gave you are meant to be used to make this a better world.  Only you can accept God’s gifts to you and continue to work hard to accomplish your goals.
As you leave Our Lady of Perpetual Help Catholic Academy, continue to pray daily.  Strive to do the right thing always.  Keep God in every aspect of your life, and His grace will be with you always.   Take with you not only the academic skills we’ve taught you but the skills of discipline and social justice that will make you the leaders of the future. 
May God always bless and watch over you as you continue in your life’s journey.
Love and prayers,
Mrs. Frances DeLuca