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Library Homework for the Week of 4/9/18:

Welcome Back.

First Grade: Complete worksheet.

Second Grade: Complete worksheet.

Third Grade: Answer questions based on the story heard in class.

Fourth Grade: Read poem and answer the questions.

Fifth Grade: Study Chapters 1-5 of Hatchet for test next week. Book can be found:

Sixth Grade: Study The Cay by Theodore Taylor Chapters 1-3 for test next week. Book can be found:

Seventh Grade: Test on Chapters 1-7 of The Giver by Lois Lowery next week. Book can be found:

Eighth Grade: Test next week Romeo and Juliet by William Shakespeare Act I. Play can be found here:

8-1: Vocabulary for test discussed in class.

8-2: Vocabulary for test: cease, valiant, enrich, kin, inconstant, beseech, envious, henceforth



Library Homework – Week of 12/11/17

Posted on December 12, 2017

1st Grade:

Complete a worksheet.

2nd Grade:


3rd Grade:


4th Grade:

Test this week on guide words.


5th Grade:


6th Grade:

Test this week on science fiction and historical fiction.


7th Grade:

Test this week on Unit 2 Vocabulary.


8th Grade:


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