May 17, 2019

7th ELA- test Wednesday, May 29 on Labors of Hercules; continue reading log;     Project due Friday, May 24 and extra credit is given if handed in by this Monday.

8th ELA- continue reading log;    Answer the questions for Act 1, Scene 4-5. 

Scene 4:  1. Scene 4 opens at night, on a nearly dark stage. The audience’s attention is on the sounds from outside the Annex.  What mood is created by the sound? Explain.

2. What is Mr. Van Dann doing?

3. What is Anne’s nightmare about?

4. How does this scene reveal a different side of Anne that what we have seen in scenes 2 and 3?

5. What do you learn about Anne and her mother’s relationship in this scene?

6. What are air raids?

Scene 5: 1. What holiday are the residents celebrating in the beginning of the scene?

2. What does Anne give each resident of the Annex?

3. Why might Mr. Van Dann be complaining that the cat is eating all the food?

4.Who are the Gestapo?

5. What is the cause of the crash that the residents hear downstairs?

6. Why do the characters become so upset and concerned in this scene?

7. What is the underlying, or deeper, cause of their conflict and feelings?

Religion: Test on Wed. on Chapter 11. Answer the following questions:

Aim: How did the Great Schism affect the world?

What was the Great Schism?

How was it created? Be specific with details?

What is the antipope?

How was the true lineage of the papacy restored?

What was the Renaissance? What does the word mean?

What was humanism?

What did the Christian humanists talk about?

How did the Renaissance period affect the Church?

Trip forms must be signed and returned on time.  Mamitas trip form is due Monday;  and the Senior trip form is due Friday, May 24