Missing All of You!

Dear Students, Parents, and Guardians,

As we begin the third week of Distance and Digital Learning, I thank our teachers and you and your parents and guardians for the quick and wonderful adjustment you have made as we continue to provide you with this academy’s education in a different structure.

I miss each of you very much, my dear children, and look forward to the time soon that I may open the doors of Our Lady of Perpetual Help Catholic Academy and see your beautiful faces come through the doors.

Meanwhile, I continue to ask you to do your best, and please submit all work to your teachers so that you may have the knowledge you need to continue forward in your education when we return to school.

Parents, as many of you have asked about where to send tuition payments, please continue to send them to our academy’s address, 111-10 115 Street, South Ozone Park, NY  11420. All mail is being forwarded to the rectory office in which Mrs. Rodriquez once a week will go to get it and record it to your child’s account.  I particularly thank you, parents, for sending your tuition in a timely fashion, because we continue to pay the salary of all of our teachers, employees, health benefits, etc as well as the additional expenses of sterilization of the academy building for when the children return.

If you have downloaded the Zoom app onto your computer or cell phone or other digital resource such as a chrome book or ipad, I will be praying and speaking to you live tomorrow morning, March 30, 2020 at 10 a.m.  You will need the following:

Meeting I.D. # 993 315 607

Password:  080001

May Jesus continue to protect and watch over you and your dear families.

Love and prayers,

Mrs. DeLuca