New School Year

Welcome parents to the fifth grade. Mrs. Guerra and I are so very happy to have your children with us for this year.
I will be teaching Science and Social Studies, as well as, Religion to your children.

For Monday, we will be starting our current events. For this assignment I would like your child to research a current event for the news. I will not accept sport scores or celebrity,/entertainment news. The children must be prepared to share their findings with the class.
For science we will be doing labs on Wednesdays. For most labs, a report following the format the children have in their notebooks is given. The lab format is as follows:
Hypothesis:What they expect to find in our experiment
Materials: A list of the things we used in the experiment
Procedure:The steps we took in the experiment
Observation: What did they see while doing their experiment, or what happened.
Conclusion: An explanation of why the experimented resulted the way it did.
For Religion, I will be asking the students to do a Saint Report that will be due in the middle of October.

Overall my grades are based on many things. However, there are four main components of my grades.
These components are: Tests, Homework, Labs, Current events, and Reports.
I am looking forward to another blessed year at OLPHCA