Plans for Distance Learning

Dear Parents/Guardians:

It has been an extremely long week with constantly changing information and decision-making discussions regarding the Coronavirus. We continue to remain vigilant and take all precautions, and we are very happy to say our absentee rate remains extremely low and we have no illness to report in the building. That being said, we have been asked to prepare for the eventuality that the Mayor may make the decision to start quarantining communities and/or the entire city.

Our Diocesan Superintendent is challenging us to continue to serve our students even if we all need to stay home. For this reason, MONDAY, MARCH 16, BEGINS ONE WEEK OF SCHOOL CLOSURE. THE DIOCESE OF BROOKLYN HAS CLOSED ALL CATHOLIC SCHOOLS FOR THE WEEK OF MARCH 16 TO MARCH 20. With our Google Classroom (grades 4 to 8), our Homework page for each teacher on our website, Google Docs, and Class Dojo, Our Lady of Perpetual Help Catholic Academy is in an excellent position to continue our education. Teachers already have plans in place to do “Distance Learning” with their students.

Students in grades Nursery and Pre-K, K, 1, 2, and 3 will be bringing home packets of work to be completed IN THE EVENT THAT WE NEED TO REMAIN CLOSED. This process will vary from grade to grade, and you will be receiving instructions from the teachers directly through Google Classroom, Homework page on our website, Google Docs, and Class Dojo. Also, please understand that these instructions will ask your children or you to log in at certain times of the day every day. This will be our method of “taking attendance,” so it is very important that you follow instructions. Teachers will have “office hours” online so they are available to answer student questions. Again, this will vary by teacher, and you will be given a schedule. This also means that students will be able to communicate with each other.

Today, teachers are asking students to take home extra textbooks and workbooks so they are prepared in case of further emergency closing. We know the inconvenience of bringing all of these books home, but again, we ask for your understanding.

We will continue to update you as we receive information. We will use our Parent Relay System, as well as post information on our website and social media, when necessary. Please be pro-active in monitoring school communications. We think it is important that we do our best to prepare, but remain calm. We can only hope that we will not have to take any of these measures, but can take comfort in the fact that we have done all we can to be ready.

Lastly, and most important. Keep your children and yourself away from crowds of people. Make this a time of family fun through games at home.

Most important, please pray as a family. I continue to pray for your dear children and family. May God bless you and keep you safe.


Mrs. Frances DeLuca Principal