5th Grade Materials/ Summer Work/ Letter from Superintendent

We hope you have a wonderful and safe summer!

Click where it says “End of Year” to read a letter from our Superintendent.

End of Year


Materials for Incoming 5th graders:

7 notebooks

2 folders

2 packs of red pens

3 packs of pencils

Pencil case (no boxes)

Box of crayons



Black Markers


Paper Towel

2 Boxes of tissue

2 Reams/packs of copy paper

Summer Work for Incoming 5th Graders:

ELA: Read daily  (no packet)

Math: Memorize and know multiples from times tables 2-15.

              *Complete a MULTIPLES CHART for tables 2-15 ONCE OR TWICE a week under 4 minutes. 

              * After getting it under 4 minutes, challenge yourself and try to get it under 3 minutes!

              * Make sure each chart has a full heading & is neat. Use a ruler for lines

              *Charts must be submitted to Mrs. Guerrero in September. 

              * You can use these blank sheets to keep your work organized (just add up to 15)

              * There should be a total of 10 sheets to turn in by September.

              * Your time should be written down & it should be a little faster each time. 

                 Even by a few seconds!

              * You got this!

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